Millie’s Menu February 26, 2018

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Millie's Menu February 26, 2018

Happy Monday!

Last week I didn’t put a menu together. It was a busy weekend and when Monday morning rolled we started on a busy week. I thought it would be no big deal. I was wrong.

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Since the first of the year I’d been making, and mostly following, a weekly menu based on Trim Health Mama using traditionally prepared foods as taught in Nourishing Traditions. I was pretty sure I had a good handle on how to stay on-plan and would do fine without a planned in advance menu. Nope. While I did have several on plan meals for the most part food was a free-for-all. Last night Joe and I both agreed things work much better for us with a plan in place.

On this menu, you’ll see letters after the meals. These are references to Trim Healthy Mama meals which is a huge help in balancing my hormones and working on the middle age spread that has hit both Joe and me. We’ve not made any shopping trips for over a week so our fresh veggies are almost nil. We’ll be eating freezer produce and a few of the heartier veggies still hanging out in the fridge. In addition to produce we have our freezer well stocked with meat, plenty of eggs plus a pantry of beans and grains.

Our schedule; Monday through Friday my husband works a split shift. He works several hours early morning then comes home for breakfast about 8:45. He leaves again around 11 am and returns at the end of his day around 5:30. We have breakfast together, our son and I eat a light lunch early afternoon, and we all enjoy dinner together. Because Joe’s been up working for several hours our breakfast often looks more like a lunch or dinner. He takes snack foods for lunch such as boiled eggs, cheese, cooked meats.

Note: THM separates fuels so we don’t eat carbs (E meals) with fats (S meals). Our son doesn’t need to lose weight or balance his hormones. While he eats the same meals as we do his become Crossover (XO) meals by adding additional healthy fats to E meals and helpful carbs to S meals.


Breakfast: Eggs with greens and cheese (S)
Lunch: Srirach Egg Salad over lettuce (S)
Dinner: Oven Baked Crispy Chicken Thighs, roasted radishes, green salad (S)


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Steel Cut Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains with 0% yogurt and a few apple slices
Lunch: Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup with chicken (S)  from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Quick Single Soups
Dinner: Lentil Soup (E)


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Steel Cut Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains with 0% yogurt and a few apple slices
Lunch: Leftover Lentil Soup (E)
Dinner: BIG salad (S)


Breakfast: venison steak and eggs (S)
Lunch: Whatever leftovers happen to be hanging out in the fridge
Dinner: Gently-fried trout, loaded cauliflower casserole, salad (S)


Breakfast: Yogurt with frozen berries (S)
Lunch: Big Salad with tuna (E)
Dinner: Meatza Pizza (S)


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Steel Cut Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains with 0% yogurt and sauteed apples
Lunch: Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Quick Single Salads
Dinner: Meatball Minestrone (E)


Brunch: Egg white omelet with sourdough English muffin (E)
Dinner: Roasted (wild) goose (something like this), green salad (S)

What’s on your menu?

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