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Millie's Menu January 22, 2018 THM traveling menu

I’ve dubbed this my traveling menu. 🙂

Last night, I arrived in Oregon for work. I’m here until I fly home Thursday afternoon. I’m staying at my bosses house in their (very nice) guest room. I’ve stayed with them a few times before and it’s always fun. I join them for their family dinner and have breakfast and lunch on my own at the office. I stopped yesterday at the store to pick up a few things and brought a couple of things with me.

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Here’s what I brought from home:

Here’s what I picked up at the store:

  • 0% Greek yogurt — plain
  • Full fat Greek yogurt — plain
  • Container of raspberries
  • 1 apple
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Salad greens
  • Smoked salmon (lox)
  • Tuna
  • Hormel Naturals chicken
  • almonds

I’ll do my best to stay on Trim Healthy Mama during my trip but won’t worry too much about going off plan. Thursday evening, my dinner will be at an airport. I’ve been to this airport many times and know of a couple of decent restaurants I can order meals at that will be THM friendly. I’ll be home around 1 am Friday morning so Friday will be back to “normal.”

You’ll see letters after our meals. These are references to Trim Healthy Mama meals which is a huge help in balancing my hormones and working on the middle age spread that has hit both Joe and me.

Note: THM separates fuels so we don’t eat carbs (E meals) with fats (S meals). Our son doesn’t need to lose weight or balance his hormones. While he eats the same meals as we do his become Crossover (XO) meals by adding additional healthy fats to E meals and helpful carbs to S meals.


Breakfast: Greek yogurt with berries (S)
Lunch: Sourdough English muffin with smoked salmon, side salad (E)
Dinner: With friends


Breakfast: Apples and Cream Oatmeal — something like this but no chia seeds or Truvia, not a fan of either (E)
Lunch: Chicken with smoked salmon (S)
Dinner: With friends


Breakfast: Berries and Cream Oatmeal — like the Peaches and Cream only with berries (E)
Lunch: Working lunch provided by the company
Dinner: With friends


Breakfast: Greek yogurt with berries (S)
Lunch: Sourdough English muffin with tuna, side salad (E)
Dinner: At airport


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese (S)
Lunch: Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Quick Single Salads
Dinner: Insanely Simple Chicken Fiesta Soup (E) from Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Table Big Eats Soups


Breakfast: Super Prepared Purist Grains — Steel Cut Oats (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Good Morning Grains
Lunch: Sriracha Egg Salad (S)
Dinner: Egg Roll in a Bowl over rice (E) from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook  Family Skillet Meals


Brunch: Egg white omelet  with English muffin (E)
Dinner: Potsticker Patties (S) Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook  Extra Skillet Stuff

What’s on your menu?

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