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“The mint makes it first, it is up to you to make it last.” Evan Esar (American Humorist, 1899-1995)

Week 3 of the ‘accounting’ report for the money part of the current installment of the series Someone Else’s Shoes (boy, that is a mouthful). This part is a little bit different than usual since the shoes are really my own. For the money part of the experience I’m sharing our actual food budget and the way we really shop. Be sure to check out the week 1 report for a detailed overview of how we ‘shop’. See week 2 to catch up on our spending to date.

Keep in mind, that we strive to follow a real/whole/traditional foods diet and the Dietary Guidelines put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation we are not all the way there. Currently we about 85% of our foods fit these guidelines. Last year at this time our goal was 80%. Next year it may or may not be 90%. Having a goal like this helps me immensely. Something like this may or may not work for you depending on your personality. I like it because I tend to have a slightly addictive personality and be an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl. By putting a number in play it alleviates alot of stress for me and the need to ‘try to be perfect’. Because, you know, perfection isn’t actually something that would be attainable…

This experience lasts from April 23 to May 22 (to correspond with how our actual budget works). The experience is Money v. Time. This is the money part. I’m sharing our actual food budget during this time and how we actually shop. Each week the time part is also being shared. This part shows the details and what goes on in my kitchen. This part is different than how we usually do things. Making a meal plan is usually something that happens each week for for these 4 weeks and 1 day the meal plan has been tossed out the window. Be sure to read the kick off post on the details of this and check back on Wednesday to see the Time part.

This Week’s Spending

This month’s food budget is $575. To date we have spent $288.56 which leaves us $286.44

I stopped by the Natural Grocers this week and picked up produce plus a couple of other items for a total of $23.81. Nothing too exciting just basic items.

On Friday, I decided early in the morning  to make hamburgers for dinner. I intended to make rustic biscuits out of my no-knead sourdough bucket bread to use as buns. We do that often and really like them.  While these buns are fairly simple to make, my day fell apart (due to work) and I decided the buns were not happening.  I figured just hamburgers with no buns would be fine but Lulu talked me into store bought buns. She said she would call Joe to pick them up.  Apparently, she put in a request for other items in addition to buns!  I’m somewhat embarrassed to share this receipt with you but in the spirit of the experience, here it is. A receipt not only for store bought buns but also chips, soda and cupcakes. sigh.  $12.17


That’s all for this week. Total for this week= $35.98

New total for the month= $324.54

Budget amount was $575. Amount remaining is $250.46.

Since our budget runs from April 23 to May 22 we are almost to the end. I’ll be putting in my Azure Standard order this week plus have a couple of other purchases to make.  I suspect we’ll be right to the total amount.  Since the experience ends on May 22, I’ll come back on May 23 to wrap up the budget for the month.

Check back on Wednesday for an update on the Time part of Money V. Time.

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