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Week 5 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu. This week is a bit of an experiment with Mung Beans being the Stretchy Bean of the week.

I’ve eaten sprouted mung beans quite often but have never actually sprouted them myself. I figured that since I’ve been sprouting other things (radish, broccoli, lentils, wheat) it was time to move on to mung beans.

My plan for the Mung Beans is to use them as a soaked bean for Day 1 of our Stretchy Beans and then let them sprout a day and use them two more days as sprouted beans. You will see Mung Beans on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

This week should be on the busy side. My new business is in full swing. Weather permitting, I’ll be going in to town this week to get everything set up with the office that I’ll be working in conjuction with. I’ll also be busy with my bookkeeping job with it being the beginning of a new month and payroll is due. Plus I have a phone conference this week for the special project I’ve been working on with them. I’m figuring on a 40+ hour work week this week. I’m quite excited about it!

D- Sourdough Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes, Fried Potatoes, apple slices

D- Split Mung Bean Soup (I’m using whole mung beans), green salad, bread

D- Tuna Casserole, Apple and Carrot Salad

D- Sprouted Moong Stir Fry, rice

D- Egg Foo Yung, fried rice, Orange slices

D- Antelope Steaks, Rice, Acorn Squash, Spicy Orange Salad, challah, Apple Crisp

D- Squash and Tomato Soup, Corn bread

Photo Credit: ksbuehler

UPDATE: The mung beans turned out great. The soup was wonderful (Monday), the Stir Fry was quite tasty (Wednesday, I used the recipe linked as a guide but adapted a bit to suit what I had on hand), the Egg Foo Yung was spectacular (Thursday, I hope to post the recipe in a few days). One thing about the mung beans is that they definitely need to be sorted before soaking/sprouting and again after sprouting. I found a few hard ones post sprouting and they are not pleasant to crunch down on.

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