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This week has started off very good. Yesterday the older children went to the movies and had a late lunch/early dinner in town. Joe, Christopher and I stayed home and worked on things. Joe built me a little shed for my goats (we call it their ‘summer house’), I worked on my oil and gas well logs and puttered in the kitchen, and Christopher enjoyed his 2 year old antics including a long walk with daddy late afternoon.

When the children came home and Joe found out they had already eaten and since I hadn’t started dinner yet, he whisked me off for a date night event. It was very impromptu and very fun (and I have to admit a bit romantic). We went to a local steak house and shared a steak. The portions are very large there and they offer what they call a “Pardner Plate” where they split the entree and each person gets their own side plus all you can eat salad and bread (they make their bread homemade and it is super good but I only had a minimal amount since it bothers me). It was a very nice time.

This week will be a busy (again). I’m still working a temp job in the early mornings (6AM to 10AM) plus my other bookkeeping job from home and my home based business. This week I also have a Weston A. Price Foundation meeting, Kiki is singing at the high school graduation and Friday is the last day of school. We’re also starting to get things together for our upcoming trip. Kiki and Lulu leave on the 1st of June (they are flying) and then the rest of us leave on the 9th. I’m going to start doing some of the food prep this week and I started packing up a few bags already. I also need to go through our camping stuff and make sure we don’t need to get anything else.

Here is what we are eating this week;

D- Date Night!
D-Mung Bean Soup (I’m using whole mungs), green salad, sourdough bread
D- I’m not sure… Something in the crock pot since I’ll be gone for WAPF meeting
D- Sprouted Moong Stir Fry over rice
D-Egg Foo Yung, Fried Rice
D-Baked Salmon, sides to be determined
D- Garbanzo and Sprouted Wheat Salad (this is a recipe I’ve made before but this time I’m going to sprout the garbanzo’s too. I’m also testing this recipe for our upcoming trip)

Breakfast ideas here
Lunch ideas here

What’s on your menu this week?

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