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A short while ago, Wardeh at talked about her kitchen and and how well used it is. I can relate to this. My kitchen is what I think is called a galley kitchen and is a little on the small side. I do have lots of cabinet space which is nice and a little pantry too. But some days I have so much going on in there that I have no more space to put anything else. I caught my kitchen on a day when it was semi-tidy and took a couple of pictures to share. Plus I thought it would be nice to have a photo record of it semi-tidy since it is so rare!

Here is the sink side. Don’t look to close at the sink there might be some dishes hiding in there. See the dishwasher? We don’t use it. We have weird water here and it doesn’t do very well with the dishwasher. See the container on the edge? That is one of our drinking and cooking water containers. The weird water is not suitable for drinking. It wouldn’t hurt us or anything but it tastes awful. We plan to get a whole house filter in the future (when we have the 7-10K that it costs). For now we have big BPA free 5 gallon containers and bring water from town.

My cooking range is on this side. I like it very much. In all of my other houses I’ve always had electric for cooking but here it is propane. I love it.

See my lovely floor. It looks a little like brick. It’s actually carpet. I couldn’t believe it when we went and looked at this house and it had carpet in the kitchen. Now while I certainly don’t love carpet in the kitchen, I’ve noticed some advantages. Things don’t break as easily when I drop them. And I have dropped plenty of things to test this out. We’ll change out the carpet at some point but for now it is fine.

Here’s the other side. As you can see from the picture it isn’t very wide between the sides. See that microwave? I don’t like it. I rarely use it and was working on it vacating the kitchen so I could have more room for my kitchen experiments. But now that Angel and Ogre are here too the microwave is getting more use. They don’t have room for one out in their camp trailer and some of their meals/snacks are microwave foods. For now, the microwave is staying. On the other side of the micro is my sourdough pizza dough that was rising for dinner. I should have opened my upper cupboards. In those is where some of the kitchen experiments live. Kombucha is right above the micro and dairy kefir is at the other end by the fridge. My side by side fridge/freezer is stuffed right now. We really need a second freezer.

Past the kitchen is the dining area. I utilize this as part of my work station. I often work on my bread or lacto-fermented veggies at the table. Of course, the table also doubles as the homework area and for meals.

My favorite feature in my kitchen is the cabinets. There are plenty of them. They are newer. And a few of them even have the roll out shelves.

So there it is. My busy, tiny kitchen where I prepare our simple meals. If I could custom design my kitchen it would be quite a bit different (and bigger) but when I think back to the time we lived in the camp trailer and how small my kitchen was there, I feel like this is massive. I am very grateful for it.

What is your favorite feature in your kitchen? How about your favorite tip for keeping the kitchen tidy?

This post is a contribution to Heavenly Homemakers November Gratitude Challenge and this weeks Gratituesday.

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