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Three years ago I shared my dental woes in, My Teeth are Falling Apart. I had always considered myself fortunate since I’ve only had two cavities.

Over the years my dentists’ have commented how fortunate I was to have so few cavities.  That comment is almost always followed by something on the order of  “I bet you had fluoride in your water.”

Yes I did.


A few years ago I started having different issues. I developed hairline cracks in a couple of my teeth. Turns out the fluoride I had in my water all those years backfired on me.

My dentist suggested capping the problem teeth before they cracked and fell out. I wanted to avoid that so have been using food and alternative methods to repair my teeth.

Here’s a progress update:


I am still crown free. 🙂

I also have all of my teeth and am not ashamed of my rather large smile (as evidenced above).

In my post 3 years ago I outlined my plan to remain crown free which included; cod liver oil, raw milk and soaked grains.

I’ve stuck with the raw milk and soaked (or soured or sprouted) grains. I stopped taking cod liver oil when I just couldn’t handle the taste any longer.

Another change I made was to be sure not to use toothpaste that includes fluoride.

I think the two biggest things are the grains and the toothpaste.

I often notice a huge increase in pain and trouble chewing when I eat too many grains that are not properly prepared.

Same with toothpaste.

I was on a trip not long ago and had to buy a travel size toothpaste. I couldn’t find anything without fluoride. After using it for just a couple of days I had a marked increase in pain when eating. I made a point to avoid all grains thinking it was a grain issue but even without the grains the pain continued using the fluoride toothpaste. When I was back on my usual toothpaste I had a gradual decrease in symptoms over about a week and a half.


I’ve tried several different toothpastes and the one that I’ve had the best results with is EarthPaste. The 4 pack from Amazon is an excellent price though once you’ve tried it and know you like each of the flavors.

I’m pleased with my choice to pursue other options to help my teeth. While they are not fully healed they have definitely improved and I anticipate they will continue to do so with the proper care (I’m sticking with raw milk, soaked, soured or sprouted grains, and fluoride-free toothpaste).


Have you or someone you know had issues later in life due to fluoride treatments as a child? What have you done to repair the damage?



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