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My Well-Traveled Sourdough Starter and Favorite Sourdough Dishes |

7 years ago in July I caught a wild yeast “sourdough” starter.  After babying it along for a few weeks it my little starter became strong and healthy.  For 7 plus  years it’s served me well!

Over the years my starter has went on several trips. I’ve taken it camping a few times, for weekend visits at friends or family, it wintered in Oklahoma with us last year and then road-tripped with us, cozy in the cooler, for almost 3 weeks while we went through Texas, California and then back to Wyoming.

While trekking with our sourdough we’re often making pancakes, crepes or other simple treats. Grilled pizza while camping, pancakes on the road, homemade bread made for family — Yum!

We’re now settled in our off-grid cabin and still loving sourdough at home. We’re oven-free at the moment so I’m not baking but many sourdough treats can be made in a skillet.

Learn how to start your own sourdough starter with this free recipe from my affiliate partner, Traditional Cooking School (this post contains additional affiliate links).

Check out a few of my favorite sourdough recipes below.

Each of the recipes I share below includes preparing the flour/grain for maximum digestion by giving the dough a good long soak before cooking/baking. This makes the sourdough so much healthier!

Sandwich Bread

This makes a very nice sandwich bread, light and fluffy, with minimal hands-on time. Go here for recipe.

Chocolate Cake

Yes! You can make cake out of sourdough. We love this old-fashioned cake from Traditional Cooking School. Go here for recipe.

Sourdough Pockets

These are great not only for eating at home but also for packing in a lunch. Go here for recipe.


So good! When I make these I do a double batch since we love them so much. I’m working on a stove top version so we can satisfy our cracker needs without an oven. Happily we have a lovely neighbor with a similar sourdough obsession who often brings us these crackers. Go here for the recipe from Kitchen Stewardship.

Swirl Bread or Swirl Rolls

Your favorite bread recipe can become something new and special! Go here for recipe.

English Muffins

This is our #1 bread item right now! These are so quick and easy. Perfect at any meal especially when slathered in butter.  Go here for recipe from Traditional Cooking School.

Fry Bread

Mmmmm. Mmmm. Mmm. These are the perfect base for Navajo Tacos or to make a sweet breakfast treat with a little honey. Joe says I don’t make these often enough. 😉  Go here for recipe.


Fluffy and delicious! The oven version is a true treat. I use the same recipe and make griddle cakes. So good! Go here for recipe from Traditional Cooking School.

Farmer Boy Pancakes

Inspired by Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder this is our favorite way to enjoy our sourdough pancakes. Go here for recipe.

French Toast

Turn your homemade sourdough bread into French Toast. So easy and so good! Go here for recipe.


Friday night was often pizza night at our house. We started with homemade sourdough pizza crust and then topped with whatever we had on hand. Now we often do pizza on the grill by precooking the crusts on the grill, adding toppings and then putting back on the grill to finish cooking. Go here for crust recipe from Traditional Cooking School.

Pita Bread

So yummy and with a pocket for filling. Can’t go wrong with sourdough pita bread. Go here for recipe.


These are our favorite tortillas. They surpass every other tortilla recipe I’ve made and don’t even come close to anything store-bought. Get recipe at Traditional Cooking School.

Flat Bread

The garlic in this recipe really adds a wonderful dimension. We love this served with curry. Go here for recipe.



These muffins are not only delicious but also adaptable. The basic recipe can be changed to accommodate ingredients you have on hand. Go here for recipe.


These quick and easy crepes require no soaking making them the perfect last minute bread. Sometimes I’ll make the batter a little thicker so they are more of a wrap. Definitely a winner! Go here for recipe from Traditional Cooking School.

Donut Holes

This quick and easy donut has made my children very happy on numerous occasions. It makes me happy to since it’s so easy! Go here for recipe.


What’s your favorite sourdough dish?


Want more sourdough? Create your own artisan sourdough breads, cakes, and muffins, in this 154-page, 25-lesson sourdough eCookbook, adventure guide and learning community all in one from Traditional Cooking School — Sourdough A to Z.

You’ll notice most of the sourdough recipes are either from my blog or from Traditional Cooking School (TCS). When I was first learning sourdough, Wardee from TCS was one I often bounced ideas off. Then when she began her online cooking school in 2010 I was a student.  Several years ago I began working with Wardee (as a virtual assistant) and have made every sourdough recipe she offers so I know them well and I know what we like. 🙂  I’m also an affiliate with TCS. If you order an eBook or join Traditional Cooking School upon my recommendation using my special link I will receive a commission. Thank you for supporting Homespun Oasis with your purchases. 

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