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Here are a few at-home ideas to show you love them!

Showing the person you love that you care for them shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Sometimes the way to someone’s heart isn’t through expensive gestures, fighting other consumers for the same goods just so you can remind the person you love how you feel. Why not spending your time and energy creating an experience instead?

Instead of going to an expensive, crowded restaurant…

Eat at home

Spend some time at the grocery store picking out ingredients for a nice meal together. You can’t go wrong with a simple menu of steak and veggies, or pasta and veggies (if you don’t eat meat), followed by a yummy dessert. Make it special by cooking together in the kitchen. Open a bottle of wine, drinking and chatting as you put together this special meal. Eat over candlelight. Remind each other how loving and unique your relationship is.

Save the money you would spend on a bouquet of flowers for $20+…

Go for a walk together and bring home wildflowers

Why not create a memory and a bouquet instead of just waiting at a florist for 45 minutes? Go to a nature park, walk around a park near your house, go for a hike. Hold hands. Reminisce on how you first met. What were each of you thinking when you saw the other person for the first time? Did you have any inkling you’d want to be with them? How did your first date go? Stop and pick a couple of pretty flowers (if you don’t have several feet of snow on the ground like we do here).

If it’s cold out, be sure to layer up and maybe take a brisk walk instead of a stroll. 😉 Wildflowers optional.

Why not skip the box of chocolates from the grocery store…

and make a cake, brownies or chocolate pudding together

There’s something fun about cooking together, even spending a few minutes in the kitchen whipping up a pudding can be beneficial for any relationship. Why not browse Pinterest and find a delicious, easy recipe that makes your mouth water and give it a go? Avoid the questionable ingredients of boxed chocolates from the grocery store and fill your recipe with love and high-quality ingredients. Share playful banter about who gets to lick the spoon and who gets the bowl. Wait impatiently as the dessert cooks, but it’s okay. I’m sure you can find a way to pass the time.

Rather than dealing with crowds and traffic…

Send the kids to the sitter’s and have a much needed night in

Make sure the kids have gone. Complete steps 1-3 above. Decide what sounds good next. A movie? A couple of cocktails? An after-dinner coffee or hot chocolate? A couple hours just to yourselves?

This is your night, about the two of you. Create a new memory. Make it count.

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