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When the temperatures start to dip, the soup pot comes out! October is when I return to hearty soups, stews, and chilis after a summer of lighter salads and sandwiches. In this October meal plan, I’m sharing my favorite mouthwatering chili dishes.

October Meal Plan

There are so many wonderful varieties of chili, you can seriously have a different version every night for the month and never grow tired of it! Bean chili, meat-only chili, chicken chili, vegetarian chili, even chili with fruit added—there’s so many options. To increase nutrition, I like to make my own broth to use in recipes calling for broth. And to help with the budget, I often cook the beans from scratch. Making a big batch of beans and stashing the already cooked legumes in the freezer is a great way to save time.



I love a little—or a lot—of garnish on my chili. Here are some great ideas for toppings:



Chili can be a standalone meal, but it’s always nice to add a side dish or a selection of toppers. Here are a few ideas:


Need More?

I link directly to recipes whenever possible, but sometimes I make a note about how I alter a recipe to accommodate for budget or nutrition. You’ll find these notes in the Notes section further down in this October meal plan.


The Details

This collection of chili recipes serves four or five average eaters, but you can make needed adjustments based on your family size and personal desires. This collection of quick meal ideas features whole, real, and traditional foods. Foods are often (but not always) fermented, cultured, soaked, sprouted, or soured.

Be sure to scroll down to the Notes section for valuable information!

October Meal Plan

Partial Week

Thursday: Easy 30-Minute Classic Chili Recipe
Friday: Sweet Potato Chili
Saturday: Mexican Pork and Tomato Chili Verde


Week 1

Sunday: Easy Keto Chili (no bean)
Monday: Chicken Chili
Tuesday: Instant Pot Chili
Wednesday: Easy Peach Whiskey Chili
Thursday: No Bean 30-Minute Chili
Friday: Navajo Tacos
Saturday: Chili Verde (Colorado Green Chili) (Substitute a traditional fat such as tallow, lard, or coconut oil for the vegetable oil)


Week 2

Sunday: Crockpot Crazy Pineapple Chili
Monday: No Beans About It — Chili
Tuesday: Weeknight Black Bean Chili
Wednesday: Basic Sprouted Bean Chili
Thursday: Homemade Vegetarian Chili
Friday: White Chicken Chili
Saturday: Cincinnati Chili


Week 3

Sunday: Slow Cooker Shredded Beef Chili
Monday: 30-Minute Chili
Tuesday: Fruit and Nut Chili
Wednesday: Easy No Bean Chili
Thursday: Martha’s Vegetarian Chili
Friday: Best Black Bean Chili (with options for cooking method)
Saturday: Pork Chili Verde (substitute a traditional fat for the vegetable oil)


Week 4

Sunday: Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili (use full-fat cream cheese)
Monday: Fruity Chili
Tuesday: Taco Soup A delicious cross between chili and soup!
Wednesday: Pork Chili Verde with Red Chili Salsa
Thursday: Vegetarian Chili
Friday: Creamy Italian Sausage Chili
Saturday: Slow Cooker Hatch Green Chile Verde




Week 1


Easy Peach Whiskey Chili

My son-in-law first introduced me to the idea of peaches in chili at one of our get-togethers. This recipe is slightly different than his specialty but still delicious. The whiskey burns off in the cooking, but you can leave it out if you prefer a completely alcohol-free version.


This is one of our favorites! Navajo Tacos. The chili is delicious, and made more so when ladled over the top of sourdough fry bread. Oh my!  If you don’t have a sourdough starter, here’s instructions on how to catch one. Or you can order online. If sourdough isn’t your thing, substitute any bread or roll dough (homemade or frozen).


Week 2


Basic Sprouted Bean Chili

Beans have a certain reputation. Improperly prepared beans can cause digestive issues. Soaking (then discarding the soaking water and cooking in fresh water or broth) can help eliminate these issues. For some, this is still not enough. If this is you, try sprouting your beans! Sprouted beans digest as vegetables, making them very gut-friendly. Plan ahead for this recipe. The sprouting process takes several days.

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