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Hello, Friends!

What a busy few months we’ve had! It’s time to catch-up on the excitement around our place.

The theme for April is kids!

Cute little Dwarf Nigerian newborn kids.

3 of our does became mamas once again in April.

Peanut's babes

Peanut was the first to kid. She had girl/girl twins.

KneeHigh babes

Then KneeHigh had girl/boy twins.

Sheba babes

Sheba had boy/boy twins a few days later.

We have 3 more goats that are due to kid in July. Many of these goats are going to be going to new homes soon. We definitely have a goat surplus at the moment. If you are in central to western Wyoming or Southern Montana and looking for goats, let me know. 🙂

Joe filled his turkey tag late April or early May (I forget when exactly). We love wild turkey!

joe turkey

My Humans

In early May, my oldest daughter and her husband moved from the west coast to just over an hour from us.  It is so wonderful having them near! We’ve been able to get together just about every weekend since they moved.

My youngest daughter was excited to find out she was accepted for an internship with an ad agency for the summer. She has one more year to finish up an Associates Degree in Art and Graphic Design. The internship is a huge blessing and way to be able to expand her portfolio.

Most of my free time in May went to preparing for our daughter’s wedding. There was quite a bit to do! Our little boy grabbed my camera while I was working on one of the wedding items. I thought he was taking pics of it but instead he was taking pictures of our little dog. This one is to cute not to share!


My daughter’s wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was held at the groom’s parents home. The ceremony was outside followed by a buffet dinner reception and dancing.


Here’s a quick pic of the ceremony site a bit before the wedding.

Kyla and Joey

Check out her amazing dress. It was unique and perfect for her. As soon as she tried it on (way back last June) we know it was exactly the dress for her. And, that handsome husband of mine walking her out. He was so proud.


Later in June, I spent a week working in Oregon. I work there at least 2 weeks out of the year. I work part-time for a small machine shop doing their bookkeeping, HR, payroll and am in charge of their ISO program, along with a few other things. I go back for the twice yearly audits. The audit went very well. Next step, we’re switching over to the new 2015 standard. It’s going to be an exciting several months while we transition.


Other projects over the last several months include sharing a garden with our neighbors down the hill. We didn’t have time to set up our own garden and they are gone for a couple of months so it worked out for us to share a plot. Our tomatoes are doing lovely along with pepper and beans.  We were disappointed that the beets didn’t sprout even after we replanted. We have acorn & butternut squash growing along with cucumbers. I think they need to hurry up in order for us to get to harvest this year.

Inside the house we’ve started on our pantry space in our arctic room. It is very exciting to see that come together. We’ve also ordered most of what we need to get the kitchen in. I can’t wait to have an actual kitchen. 🙂

What has been happening at your place over the last few months?


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