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Hello, Friends!

Winter is still in full force at our Wyoming farmstead. January brought many more snowy, cold days and even colder nights.

With this cold weather, our septic system froze. Many off-gridders don’t have a flush toilet and instead use a composting toilet. Because of our local regulations we have a septic system with flush toilets. At the moment the only things hooked  up to the septic is the two toilets and the downstairs bath (everything else drains in bucket and we recycle that water). One of the issues with having so little connected to the septic is the limited use prevents it from getting warm enough to keep it from freezing. That combined with so many below freezing days hasn’t worked out well. We did discover we’re not alone in our septic issue, other (non-off grid) neighbors have experienced the same problem this year. We have a plan to correct this for next year.

Snow on the ground means sledding fun! Our little boy tries to sled every day. Joe goes out with him many times. I don’t sled very often but it sure is fun when I do managed to go!

We have a very large wild rabbit population. So when we’re not sledding we’re working on thinning them out. We’ve been looking for recipes for these. Do you have any rabbit recipes you’d like to share? 

While the first half of the month was filled with sledding and our normal day-to-day activities, the second half took a drastic turn.

On January 18, my dad passed away. He went quickly and was able to tell my mom goodbye. We were down south for just shy of a week for the services and being with family. My mom and all of us are doing okay. My dad always asked what we were doing on our little farm. He loved hearing about the goats and especially when the kids would arrive. He loved hearing about our outdoor activities and hunting. Those were things he too loved doing. He wasn’t able to come up and see our new place but I think he would have loved it.

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