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The end of November already! This month just zoomed by.

The main focus of November has been filling up our freezer. We finished our pastured broilers and completed our deer hunting. The freezer is filled to the brim.

Joe still has an tag for a cow elk that we’re going to rent a freezer for if he’s successful on that tag while I pressure can some of the venison.

Our weather has been beautiful. Many days that were still in the 60s (which made hunting a challenge) but these last few days have dropped. I’m so thankful for our wood stove! I’ve been  using it quite a lot for cooking and am very pleased with how well we can make a soup or porridge on it.

Our house progress is slow. We’re still working on winterizing which means caulking the seems between the logs, insulating under the house and finishing the skirting. Once the winterizing is complete we hope to move onto the ‘fun’ stuff like putting the kitchen together.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our second to the oldest daughter, her husband and our youngest daughter came up. Joe’s parents live about 45 minutes away so we all joined them and Joe’s 93 year old grandma for Thanksgiving dinner. The kids were able to stay until Sunday and we had a wonderful time. Joe, our son-in-law and our little boy even got some fishing in!


November is when we start breeding our goats. Dwarf Nigerian goats, the kind we have, actually cycle each month so we can breed year around. We’re trying to stagger the birthing a little bit this year so are taking our time and watching when the goats come into heat. Over the last few weeks we’ve put 4 of the ladies in with the buck. With a 5 month gestation we’re looking at April babies. We prefer the kidding to happen when the weather isn’t brutal cold so April is about right to start kidding.

Hope your November was wonderful! How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


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