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October, November and December have been all about food and water.


With our kitchen *almost* finished, at least finished up to the point we  now have cabinets to store things and our walk-in pantry in place, though not yet completed, has shelving and space to fill up. 🙂

Off Grid Living 2017 Quarter 4 |

We had a wonderful hunting season and managed to fill the freezer with venison and antelope. I harvested an antelope, doe deer and buck deer. Joe harvested an antelope, buck deer and two doe deer. A friend gave us a meat grinder they acquired as part of a block of goods at an auction. Since they didn’t have a need for it, they passed it on to us. It works great! Up to now, for ‘ground’ game I used my food processor and minced as needed. This is so much more convenient since Joe makes the ground when he’s doing the processing. Love it!

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We’re also focusing, once again, on our food storage. Several years ago we set a goal to have a basic supply of food on hand. With our move and focus on finishing our house we’ve found having stored food has been very helpful! The past two years we’ve eaten from this stored food (in addition to purchasing as needed) but haven’t replenished it. We’re now ready to start restocking and building.  If you are interested in food storage you can read some of my archive articles on this here.


Off Grid Living 2017 Quarter 4 |

I’m so excited to have water at our little homestead! We’ve been hauling water from town (45 minutes away) since we moved in. This past week we had a water well installed.

It’s a great well. 120 feet deep and produces 5 gallons per minute. While we no longer have to haul water from town this is just step 2 in our water plan.

Off Grid Living 2017 Quarter 4 |

Step 1 was completed before we moved in; We had a 1250 gallon underground cistern installed. This is what we’ve been filling with water from town. Then we use a pitcher pump to retrieve the water from the cistern. We don’t have running water in the house, we haul it by the gallon from the pump for house, garden and animal use.

Step 2 is the water well. It’s not yet connected to the cistern or the house. We can fill the cistern using a hose which is very easy.

Step 3 is connecting the cistern to the house which will give us actual running water… as in turn the faucet and water comes out. You know, like most people. 😉 I’m hopeful this step will happen sometime over the winter.

Step 4 will connect the well to the cistern then we’ll fill the cistern with the flip of a switch.

It’s very exciting!

With the New Year fast approaching we’ll be soon back to completing our long list of tasks to finish our house and homestead. Just a few more touches and our kitchen should be completed. I can’t wait to show it off to you!

Happy New Year!

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