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Potato and Salmon PattiesThis is a tasty lunch! Leftover mashed potatoes combined with wild caught canned salmon and an egg or two to hold it all together makes a super easy and delicious patty. These are great fresh out of the pan or served cold making them packed lunch friendly.

I hesitate to call this a recipe since it is really just mixing a few things together and heating it up.  I’ve never measured the amount of leftover potatoes I’ve had but my guess would be anywhere from 2 to 4 cups, it’s very flexible. You can even make up a batch of instant potatoes if you don’t have leftover.

I crush the bones in the salmon and remove most of the skin –I tend to leave the white skin and remove the silvery skin.  Start with one beaten egg and see how that looks. If it still seems kind of dry, add another egg. The egg is a binder (and extra protein). You want your mixture to be moist enough to hold together but not liquid. How many eggs you’ll end up needing will depend on how creamy (wet) your potatoes started off.  Season with salt and pepper before cooking. You could even add a little dill if that’s how you roll.

The Method

Leftover mashed potatoes
can of salmon
an egg or two
Salt and pepper, to taste
Ghee, coconut oil or other healthy fat for frying

Heat a cast iron or other skillet over medium heat. Combine mashed potatoes and salmon. Stir in egg(s) and add salt and pepper.  Add a generous amount of ghee or other fat to the skillet.  Form mixture into small patties and put immediately in skillet.  Let cook 4 or 5 minutes on first side. Carefully turn patty and cook an additional couple of minutes on second side.

If serving hot, top with sour cream, clabber cheese, or something similar.  When serving cold they hold together pretty well and can be something like a finger food, if desired, or made into a sandwich.

What is your favorite use for leftover mashed potatoes?

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