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In today’s world, with information at our fingertips and a twenty-four-hour news cycle, we can learn almost anything on a whim. But what if we couldn’t? What if you were unable to access the internet due to a cyberattack or a grid-down situation. Do you have the preparedness and homesteading resources you may need at your fingertips?

Preparedness & Homesteading Resources

In my rural location, it’s not uncommon for the electricity or internet to go out for a length of time – either a few minutes or several hours. A few years ago, following a severe windstorm, most the county I lived in was without power for many days!

I’ve always been an avid reader and have happily had a large collection of books. During our long-term power outage, my family sat around each evening while I read them a mystery.

While I love reading for pleasure, reading for information is also important. As such, I have a large collection of reference material. In this article, I share my favorite preparedness and homesteading resources.


eReader or Physical Book?

I love my eReader! I have it chock-full of books I’ve collected over the years. Two major benefits of eReaders (in my case, I use a Kindle Paperwhite) is the mass amount of storage available and the portability.

While I prefer my Paperwhite, I also have a free Kindle app on my phone allowing me to read anywhere, anytime.

Most of the books on my device are fiction books, strictly for passing the time. But I do have a small selection of preparedness and homesteading resources, along with cookbooks often acquired for free or at a low cost.

If after reading the digital version I determine the information is worthwhile, I’ll add the physical book to my library. It might be because I’m so old school, but there’s something about having a real book that appeals to me. Especially considering past events when a certain retailer closed accounts and wiped previously purchased books.

While I do still love my eReader and continue to add books to it, I do so with the knowledge I don’t actually own these books. What is here today may be gone tomorrow.

A physical book, however, is in my possession and–barring a fire or other catastrophe–is mine for as long as I choose. While I don’t have the convenience of being able to hold a thousand plus books at my fingertips, the permanency makes up for it.

With so many books, I am also guilty of tsundoku–buying books and letting them pile up unread. But, since so many of them are reference materials, I know I have them when needed.

I’ve divided my favorite preparedness and homesteading resources as best I can by category. In some cases, a book may overlap with other areas, so I put it in the main category.

Preparedness & Homesteading Resources




Traditional Cooking and Preserving


Wild Edibles and Medicinals



Preparedness & Homesteading Resources


General Preparedness


Wilderness Survival


Fiction (with education properties to reference)




What preparedness and homesteading resources would you add? Leave a comment with your favorite ones!

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