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Last weekend Joe and I went pronghorn antelope hunting. Well, Joe hunted. I went along for the camping weekend. We met up with our friends who were also hunting and had a great time. Everyone filled their tags so we have the start of some game in the freezer.

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs |

We camped for 2 days near our hunting area. We had perfect weather for our camping, which was super since Joe and I decided to sleep in the back of the truck instead of putting up a tent. It was a full moon the sky was full of stars. Our 5 am wake-up came early and the morning was quite chilly but our friends had coffee going so all was well.

Saturday was spent hunting.

Sunday morning we took an early drive to Castle Garden. We’ve lived in Wyoming for almost 8 years and this was our first trip there.

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs |

It is beautiful. It gets its name from the shape of the sandstones.

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs |

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs |

The petroglyphs were amazing.

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs |

You can read more about Castle Garden here.

Such a fun weekend!

Antelope in the freezer means antelope on the table! I am really looking forward to Chicken Fried Antelope. Yum!

Have you ever eaten antelope? What did you think?


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