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I have many fond memories of sitting around the table dying eggs, both as a child and the mom of young children, ending with three, four, or even five dozen festive eggs. After the fun and creativity, the difficult part begins—how to use up all the hard-boiled eggs! If you’ve ever found yourself with this dilemma, you’ll love this collection of hard-boiled egg recipes.

19 Quick & Easy Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes

As a child, we always had deviled eggs with our Easter meal. I’m especially fond of these tasty treats and can easily eat way more than any human should! But sometimes I want to do something different. These hard-boiled egg recipes offer great ideas for appetizers, sides, main dishes, and breakfast. Which ones look good to you?


19 Quick & Easy Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes

Breakfast Recipes


Side Dishes & Appetizers


Main Dishes


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