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New In The October Fall World!

The writers with Raventhorne Books have been busy! Keep reading to find all the February releases In The October Fall World. Be sure to check out my contributions to this World: Wyoming Fall & Wyoming Fall 2.

Coming Soon!

Yellowstone County Fall. My latest installment In The October Fall World should go live late March to early April. This is an exciting new story with a few connections to the Wyoming Fall folks. I think you’re going to like it!

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Chattanooga Fall (In The October Fall World)
by debut author S.M. Schuster

Anna’s colleagues from Sullivan Realty in Chattanooga, Tennessee were to attend a team-building event, sponsored by their boss, Keith Sullivan in the caves of Ruby Falls, deep within Lookout Mountain.

Their private guided tour was to begin at the elevator beside the gift shop inside the main building at 12:45 p.m. on Friday, October 28th.

Emotions ran from excited to terrified as the long elevator ride took them 1,120 feet straight down to the main cavern where their 45-minute guided walking tour to see Ruby Falls began.

All of their senses were overwhelmed by the beauty and the power of the falls as they arrived, just in time for the lights to go out and a terrifying rumble began…

Chattanooga Fall is a quick read. Grab your copy here.

Cincinnati Fall 3 (In The October Fall World) by DJ Cooper

Two months after the attack that changed their lives forever, Amanda and Jonah are more determined than ever to build a community that comes together for the safety and security of all. They navigate real-world issues amidst apocalyptic dangers and obstacles to find out that friends can exist in the apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Jake and Matt are determined to show their hunting skills and be a productive part of their small family, and get more than they bargained for. In the wee hours of the morning, the boys’ actions once again find them in hot water. This time it shows the group just how vulnerable they are when it brings to light the close proximity of threats to all they’ve built.

A story in the October Fall World full of ingenuity and resourcefulness in what some might call a dystopian nightmare. A complex mingling of characters and situations highlights how crucial a community can be in the aftermath as they endure chaos, tragedy, and setbacks to find hope in a world gone mad.

Bestselling author of the apocalypse, DJ Cooper, once again brings a fast-paced story of grit and perseverance while providing thought-provoking ideas and real-life survival tips for thriving in a disaster. Grab your copy here.

Alaska Fall 3 (In The October Fall World) by Keven Craven

April brings new challenges to Logan and Abbi as they work tirelessly with a group of volunteers to restore and rebuild the damaged infrastructure and housing in Alaska after the Russian invasion ends. Meanwhile, many people from the northern portion of the Lower 48 are migrating up through Canada in search of a better life in Alaska, but are restricted to specific routes and stopped from settling anywhere.

As the situation intensifies, Henry contacts Chase to inform him about Holly’s abduction by human traffickers. With the police already occupied, Chase and Henry team up to establish a base of operations near Anchorage, where Logan and Abbi reside. Together, the four of them embark on a race against time to find Holly and bring her back home safely.

Will they be able to rescue Holly before it’s too late? Grab your copy today, and find out!

Castle Hills Fall 2 (In The October Fall World) by Stephen Mezzomo

Kyle Hunter worries about protecting Kate’s farm and the critical role each person will play in its defense after bugging out there.

Everyone is excited about learning new skills and begin discussing other types of training like first aid and long-distance shooting in case trouble finds them there.

They soon make a name for themselves with new friends and enemies in their new location. Just when they think they’re safe, trouble finds them again, but not in any way they expect.

Look who’s back. (On the cover)
Bestselling author Stephen Mezzomo will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end of this one. Don’t miss out on the excitement- grab a copy today!

Vashon Island Fall 4 by MJ Witt

After Niko, Liz, and the rest of Vashon Island’s resistance fought and defeated the Chinese military who had invaded their home, they thought that they’d put the war behind them for good; that their families, friends, and neighbors could breathe easier and focus on surviving the aftermath of the EMP.

However, the ground war still rages in Oregon and the occupied city of Portland. Niko and the freedom fighters of the Washington Resistance are called upon by the remaining American forces in Washington State to aid the effort to retake Portland and put an end to the war.

Meanwhile, back at home on the island, a sinister presence has insinuated itself into the lives of those remaining on Vashon Island. A killer works in the shadows to wreak horrors upon the lives of those his path crosses. His singular focus… to destroy the lives of Niko and Liz…

You won’t want to miss this action packed installment. Grab your copy here.


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