Real Food for Less Money is NOW Homespun Oasis

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Real Food for Less Money is NOW Homespun Oasis

I’m very excited! For the past several months I’ve felt the need to branch out a bit in my sharing. When I started this site, almost four and a half years ago, my desire was to share our journey toward real food without changing our food budget.

As time went on we did make lots of changes and I shared that process with recipes, shopping results, menus and more. During that same time things changed for us. We had never planned to be homesteaders or farmers but that is what happened. We found that in order to get the highest quality foods that we’d do best growing them ourselves. We also started focusing on food storage through bulk purchases and home processing for the times we couldn’t grow the food we needed. With our short Wyoming growing season food storage is very helpful.

Real Food for Less Money is NOW Homespun Oasis

We continued to learn and grow in these methods and last summer took an additional step by purchasing a larger piece of land that we’ll eventually move to. We are developing this land as an off-grid, permaculture inspired, (eventual) high desert oasis.  A Homespun Oasis.

We hired a permaculture designer to help put our early plans in so we could have an idea of the work we needed to do this year which as been a great help to put us on the right path. We enjoy the aspects and ideas of permaculture so much that my husband is now taking a permaculture design course himself! When he finishes he’ll be a certified designer which will fit nicely for the business plan he is developing for when we move to the new place plus be super helpful as we continue to design our 20 acres over time. I’ll take the course along with Joe but for information only.

Real Food for Less Money is NOW Homespun Oasis

Don’t worry. This will not be just a permaculture site. I will share the work we do up at the new place, gardening, goats and poultry on our 2 acres (while we still live here), plus recipes, menu plans, and more. And you’ll still find Simple Lives Thursday here. You’ll still find all of the Real Food for Less Money posts on this blog. Use the search feature or the categories (both in the right side bar) to find what you are looking for. If you receive Real Food for Less Money via an RSS feed, you should continue to receive Homespun Oasis. If you receive the occasional newletter I send out, you’ll continue to receive it. For now the Facebook page will remain the same. It will take me a few weeks to get the site completed updated so expect a few design changes along the way. Go directly to my new site

I hope you’ll join me!

Millie Copper
Millie Copper is a Wyoming wife and mama. After reading Nourishing Traditions in early 2009, her family began transforming their diet to whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods—a little at a time while stretching their food dollars. Millie is passionate to share how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget. Millie began blogging in late 2009 and has amassed a collection of frugal recipes and methods. Her specialties include cooking with wild game and creating “Stretchy Beans”. Discovering a love of writing, she has penned four books focusing on healthy eating on a budget and is trying her hand at fiction writing. Learn more at


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    I LOVE the changes you are making and the new name!! It is amazing how things shift and change as we embrace the simpler life!! I am so glad you crossed my path and I look extremely forward to following all your adventures!! Blessings lovely lady!! <3

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