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At this point we’ve been on the road for nearly 2 weeks.  I’m writing this in advance to share our plans. I may update this post closer to publication date depending on time and internet access.

The last post had us in Sedona. Monday afternoon we check into the Maswik Lodge at the Grand Canyon and stay there Monday night and Tuesday night. The lodge has a ‘no cooking’ policy so we will have only food that are preassembled or assembled on-site without cooking.  Before leaving Sedona we’ll restock a few of our groceries.

Breakfasts will be yogurt, boiled eggs (made in San Diego), sprouted bread with peanut butter or homemade nutella, cheese and fruit.

We’ll stop for a picnic lunch on the way to the Grand Canyon (shredded beef in lettuce wraps) and we’ll have a sprouted lentil slaw on Tuesday and miscellaneous leftover items on Wednesday on the way to our next stop.

Dinner Monday night will be a sprouted lentil salad, Tuesday night assorted appetizer type items including Pimento cheese, hummus and a salmon cheese ball.

Wednesday night we’ll be at a new hotel in a new town. I did call this place and ask about using the crock pot and/or rice cooker (it’s fine). The draw back to this place is the lack of a fridge in the room. It will be fine as long as we keep the coolers full of ice but I really like the convenience of a fridge. We’ll need to restock groceries again in this town. I do know that our hotel room is right across the street from a market so that will be convenient.  I’m planning a simple dinner Wednesday night that we enjoy at home. It is somewhat like a Pad Thai and goes together in minutes.  Rice noodles are super easy to cook with just just boiling water from out hot water pot.

Just a few days left.  Our plan is to be home late Saturday night.

Updated for Week 2 Wrap-Up

Monday: A continental breakfast was included with our room.  Joe went down early to get coffee and came back up excited about the breakfast. They had hard boiled eggs. Nothing else that was really appealing. We took the bread we had bought and toasted it down in the breakfast room topped with homemade nutella and enjoyed the hard boiled eggs along with a shot of kefir for each of us.  I think that Joe also had a container of yogurt.  Overall is was a good breakfast. We really liked the hotel we stayed in at this location (Days Inn Sedona Kokopelli).

We left the hotel and went to downtown Sedona. We needed to restock our groceries. It took us forever to find the market even though I had an address to put in the GPS.  It was a super nice store (New Frontiers) but rather pricy. We picked up what we needed but nothing extra.

I’d mixed up a sprouted lentil salad before we left the hotel.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch at the Grand Canyon. We went in the East entrance and stopped at Desert View.  I have to say that the first glimpse of the Grand Canyon was nothing short of breath taking.

We stayed at Maswik Lodge. One thing to note is that the lodges do not offer early check in.  Check-in is 4PM. We arrived at 3:30.  It wasn’t really a hard ship to need to go walk around the Grand Canyon area before going to our room.  🙂  We’d planned on dinner in our room that night but decided to eat at the Arizona Room instead.  Lulu and I had steaks and Joe and Kiki had the Buffalo burgers. Both were good but I think the Buffalo burger was better. In fact, it was quite delicious.

Tuesday: Breakfast was in our room. Hard boiled eggs (boiled in the rice cooker when we were in San Diego), fruit, bread with peanut butter or nutella (choice), yogurt parfaits (store bought plain full fat yogurt since I had dropped our jar of yogurt in Anaheim).

We took the shuttle bus to the Visitor Center area. Joe and Lulu rented bikes for an hour. Lulu had a huge desire to ride a bike at the Grand Canyon. She was majorly bummed that she couldn’t ride down into the canyon but quickly got over it.  Kiki, Christopher and I explored the area at the visitors center.  After they returned from the bike ride we took the shuttle out to Yaki Point.   By the time we were finished it was lunch time.

We went back to our room for lunch, Sprouted Lentil Slaw topped with Beef. I’ll put in a plug right now for how grateful I am to have learned about these wonderful sprouted lentil salads from Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS. They are super easy to make, require no cooking and the taste changes just by changing your ingredients.  While it does take some planning to sprout the lentils once the sprouting are done there is really nothing to it.

Joe, Christopher and I went out again after lunch. Kiki and Lulu (ages 17 and 15) didn’t want to ‘hike around’ any more.  They did offer to take the shuttle to go to the market for me since I needed a couple of things for dinner.  That worked out quite well.  We had a wonderful time. We took the red shuttle to Hermits Rest. We never made it the entire way. We ended up getting off and one of the stops and walking the rim trail. Christopher rode in his stroller.  We didn’t realize that only parts of the trail are paved.  At the non paved parts we would carry the stroller. It worked out quite well and Christopher had himself a nice little nap while we carried him on the trail.  When I could go no further (Joe is in much better condition than I am and could have walked much further) we hopped on the shuttle bus and went back to the village.

Dinner that night was assorted appetizer type dishes in our room.

Wednesday: Breakfast was a repeat of Tuesday. I made a sprouted quinoa salad in the room before we checked out. (I’d started the sprouts several days prior). We had planned to do some more exploring before we left the Grand Canyon but I was hurting from the previous day. So we decided to go ahead and drive to our next stop. Cortez, Colorado.

The drive seemed to take forever.  Our plan was to stop for a picnic lunch along the way and enjoy our salad.  We didn’t really find any picnic spots. When we finally got to our hotel room I was miserable. My stomach hurt, my head hurt and my legs still hurt from the hike day before.  We decided that dinner that night would be leftovers (we’d save the salad for Thursday’s lunch) that Joe would serve up.  I was quite happy when Joe made that offer. I actually skipped dinner except for some kefir. We had kept our water kefir and dairy kefir going along the way and I have to say that was wonderful. I’m so glad that we did! I think my stomach would have felt alot worse without the kefir treatment.  It was kind of an odd dinner for everyone since we had pits and pieces of things left but everyone was quite satisfied.

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