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Real Food Hits the Road is the latest installment to the series Someone Else’s Shoes. The purpose of this experience was to see if we could follow our usual 85% real food eating while on the road.  The last post had shared up to Wednesday night. We were in Cortez, Colorado which is very near Mesa Verde.

Thursday the plan was to spend the day at Mesa Verde. We’d have a simple breakfast in our room of yogurt, nut butter toast (using the toaster in the breakfast room and topping with brought along peanut butter or homemade nutella) and roast beef that had cooked overnight in the crock pot. Lunch would be salmon salad on avocado halves and a dinner of roast beef and assorted leftovers.

Friday we’d be driving to Ouray, Colorado.  Breakfast would be a repeat of Thursday and lunch a sprouted quinoa salad at a picnic spot somewhere down the road.  Dinner is undecided. The hotel we are staying at has a small restaurant and Joe has mentioned several times that we could just order a pizza there since it would be our ‘last night’.

Saturday is our final day. The hotel offers a full cooked to order breakfast so we’ll do that. The option of having an omelet or fried eggs sounds wonderful.  We’ll pick up something for lunch and dinner at a Natural Grocers in a town past Ouray.  We’ll be home late Saturday night.

Once we are back and settled in, I’ll do a post to sum up how it went with our real food goals.  I also have a great giveaway coming up to go along with this installment of Someone Else’s Shoes.

Updated for Week 2 Wrap-up

Thursday: I had planned to replenish our supplies when we reached Cortez. I was feeling so rotten that I didn’t do that.  The only thing we really missed out on was cooking a roast overnight in the crock pot. That was supposed to be part of our breakfast on Thursday and dinner that night.  Instead we had toast (we used the breakfast room toaster) and individual yogurt from the breakfast room.

We were excited to go to Mesa Verde. I had been there when I was 17 and loved it.  It was very nice and much like I’d remembered but also quite different. We couldn’t do as many of the cliff dwellings as we wanted because of Christopher.  If a child can’t climb the ladder they have to be in a back pack. We had meant to bring one of our Mobys but didn’t.  We still had enough to visit to fill our entire day there.  We had a picnic lunch (there are picnic tables in many areas) consisting of the salad that we had made on Wednesday (sprouted quinoa), a salmon and cream cheese spread, rice crackers and an uncured sausage that I’d bought before we left Casper and we’d been hauling around in the cooler the entire time.  I was told that it was a terrific lunch. That is always nice to hear 🙂

We had decided that morning to go out for dinner. Cortez has a couple of farm to table restaurants that we would have loved to try but both closed at 4PM. They also had a bakery type place that served meals. We decided to go there. They bake all of their bread on-site and Joe was especially excited to try their giant ‘happy’ burger. The meal was terrific.

Friday: Breakfast was the same as the day before.  I mixed up another sprouted quinoa salad for lunch.  We also stopped and bought a few more things to go with our lunch at the Natural Grocers in Durango, Colorado.  We had our picnic lunch in Silverton, Colorado at the city park.  Everyone had a great laugh when the wind came up and blew Christopher’s plate all over Lulu and I. We were covered in quinoa salad!

The hotel we stayed at in Ouray was great. It had a hot springs pool, a soaking tub and an adults only super hot tub. We met another family at the pool and ended up having dinner with them. The restaurant at the hotel was quite good and offered ‘homemade’ gourmet pizzas. They also had a full bar…

Saturday: The hotel had a full cooked to order breakfast which was great. Most of us had omelets. We were on the road around 10:30 and headed toward home.  We planned to pick up lunch items at the Natural Grocers in Montrose, Colorado but Joe suggested that we just dine out somewhere.  I have to admit, that sounded like a rather good idea to me by that point. What we didn’t realize is how slim our choices would be by the time lunch hour came around. We ended up at a Tastee Freeze type place. The only restaurant we found in the town we were in other than a taco cart type thing that sold Chinese food. My burger was super good and I did not end up with a stomach ache.

We were home by 9PM. While it was a terrific trip (and at times I didn’t want to go home) we were all glad to be back. While we were on the road our hens hatched out a couple of babies. We had let one of our chickens sit on a nest before we left but we weren’t expecting babies so soon.  And it turned out that three chickens shared the nest somehow and all three act like the babies mama. It is quite fun to see them roaming around all together.  And of course while we were gone all of the baby ducks and baby chickens that we had got in April grew up considerably. We had integrated them with the flock before we left and loved seeing them all roaming around together.  It did remind me how happy I was to be back home seeing all poultry.

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