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Yuma Territorial Prison

Real Food Hits the Road is the latest installment to the series Someone Else’s Shoes. The purpose of this experience was to see if we could follow our usual 85% real food eating while on the road.  We are now home from being on the road the evening of June 1 to the night of June 16. We drove over 2900 miles during that time, stayed in 9 different hotels and had a wonderful (but sometimes exhausting) time.   I have to admit, it seemed a rather lofty goal to continue with our ‘normal’ way of eating and I wasn’t sure we could do it.Last summer we had went on a 10 day camping road trip. Our goal then was 80% real food (our at home amount at that time) and we didn’t make it. We did come close. In many ways I think camping really lends itself to real food. Usually with camping you have a camp stove and/or a fire pit which works quite well for food preparation.  On this trip we would be staying in hotels.  In my mind this seemed alot more challenging.

Turns out that I was wrong.  With the plans and preparations we made and taking along a few supplies hotel/motel room cooking wasn’t a huge challenge.  What was sometimes a challenge was staying motivated to follow through with our meal plans.

Joe and I had went over our menu for the entire 2+ weeks prior. We were in agreement that we would not plan for any dining out. But even though we weren’t planning for it we did budget for it. We didn’t want to rely on dining out but if we found someplace that we wanted to go we would be free to do that. Knowing that we had a meal plan in place but could be flexible was very freeing.

The first week went really well.  I don’t think we made our goal of 85% real food though. I estimate we came in between 70% and 75%. I’m okay with that.  The 85% is really just a number that we use to help us stay on track. More than anything we wanted to ensure that we were feeling good.  Joe and I have a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but we do not experience symptoms as long as we eat what we should be eating.  Not having tummy troubles while on the trip was very important to us.  To help combat this we planned on keeping ferments and cultures in our diet.

Since I’ve done several posts about what our food plans were for these trips (written in advance of actually going) instead of reinventing the wheel I think the easiest way to do this wrap-up is to go back and add on to those original post sharing how the reality turned out compared to the plans.

The First few Days

The First Week



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