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Real Food Hits the Road is the latest installment to the series Someone Else’s Shoes. The purpose of this experience was to see if we could follow our usual 85% real food eating while on the road.   We were on the road the evening of June 1 to the night of June 16. We drove over 2900 miles during that time, stayed in 9 different hotels and had a wonderful (but sometimes exhausting) time.   I have to admit, it seemed a rather lofty goal to continue with our ‘normal’ way of eating and I wasn’t sure we could do it.Last summer we had went on a 10 day camping road trip. Our goal then was 80% real food (our at home amount at that time) and we didn’t make it. We did come close. In many ways I think camping really lends itself to real food. Usually with camping you have a camp stove and/or a fire pit which works quite well for food preparation.  On this trip we would be staying in hotels.  In my mind this seemed alot more challenging. It really wasn’t that bad. Taking along a crock pot, rice cooker and hot water pot made preparing meals in the room quite easy.  Staying motivated to stick with our goal was not as easy and toward the end of week two we didn’t do as good as we would have liked.

I figure that the first week of our trip we were about 70 to 75% real food the second week was lower. I’d say 65%. Still I’m pleased with it.  While we did have a goal of 85% real food our ultimate goal was to be able to enjoy our trip without feeling bloated and icky which we knew we would if we didn’t try to eat the way we are used to.  Over the entire 2+ weeks I had a only had one night that I felt truly awful and wished I would have eaten differently. I also had one night where I wished I would have had one less pool-side mixed drink but that is a different subject.

Since I’ve done several posts about what our food plans were for these trips (written in advance of actually going) instead of reinventing the wheel I think the easiest way to do this wrap-up is to go back and add on to those original post sharing how the reality turned out compared to the plans. However, I had to make a trip down to Oklahoma and left my notes from the trip at home. I’ll go back and update the posts as best I can from memory.  I also wanted to share more pictures (including one of our full loaded car) but my camera didn’t make it on the trip. I considered putting this post off until I get back to Wyoming but I really want to wrap up this series. Maybe I’ll do a photo post in the future. I’m sure looking at my vacation pictures would be great fun for everyone (NOT).

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