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Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus |

At the end of 2007 while awaiting the birth of our sweet little boy I dipped my toe in the online world and started a blog. It began as a place I could share about our little guy — thoughts, feelings, etc and then about him and how he was growing then about our new home we were building in Wyoming.

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus |

Soon the blog was over taken by food post as our family jumped into traditional cooking. The family blog ended and all of the foodie posts moved to my new blog, Real Food for Less Money at the end of 2009.

I loved blogging on RFFLM. I loved sharing how we were making real/whole/traditional foods work for us on our modest budget. I shared our grocery shopping hauls, our menus, recipes and more. As things often go as my interests expanded so did what I shared. As we began our food storage and preparedness journey I shared about this (food storage focusing on real food does work well!) and as we began to homestead our 2 acres I shared about that.

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus |

Then we made the jump to purchasing a 20 acre parcel that we planned to homestead and build an off-grid cabin. It became apparent around that time that Real Food for Less Money needed to evolve and change. I kicked around new names for months and finally settle on Homespun Oasis.

Homespun Oasis felt right.

A place where I could share our new off-grid journey, homesteading, food, preparedness, family, finances and so much more. I loved being able to share this info in hope of encouraging others through our journey!

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus |

A few months after the transition to Homespun Oasis tragedy struck our family. We lost my dear brother in law. My brother in law was also my husband’s cousin so it was a very hard time for my family. I spent a lot of time with my sister and niece and my husband did his best to deal with his grief in his own. With this and my work as a Virtual Assistant, Homespun Oasis took a back seat. I kept thinking I’d get it going again and while there have been posts over the past two years they are few and far between.

I’ve shared a few big events in our life such as my oldest daughter’s wedding in November of 2014 and my second daughter’s wedding last August, a short post on why we wintered in Oklahoma,  last year a hand full of recipe posts (including this delicious grilled trout), a few menu plans, and a post sharing our move to our cabin but nothing regular and certainly not the way I originally intended Homespun Oasis to go. And the less I blogged the easier it was to not blog.

I’ve been on hiatus.


a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

And a two-plus-year hiatus is a long time in the internet world!

I often think about things to write and even form complete posts in my head when I’m driving or doing something else but my actual time spent at the computer has been focused on my for-pay work as a Virtual Assistant.

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus |

I am so honored to still hear from many of you via Facebook messages, emails and comments asking out things are going for us. Asking if I plan to share our off-grid adventures.  We are living full time now in our unfinished off-grid cabin. And while most of our adventures are rather mundane (do you really want to hear about how we have to pump water and haul it in buckets into our dry cabin? Boring!) some of the things we do are interesting or at least intriguing. Such as our completely electricity-free chicken brooder we used this year. It worked out great! Sadly, the chickens are now out of the brooder and I don’t think we snapped a picture of it so that may have to wait until next chicken brooding time for me to share.

I would love to share pictures of how our cabin is progressing. It’s a slow process for sure when you are doing most of the work yourself around a schedule of working full time (and then some), homeschooling, starting up a small farm, etc. Like all of you, we are busy! That said, I’ve come to a point where I want to move Homespun Oasis from the back burner at least to the middle burner (let’s pretend I have a really big gourmet stove with lots of rows of burners). Going forward I’m thinking of myself as the Comeback Kid and reviving this blog.

I hope you’ll join me!

Now I have a favor to ask, what types of posts would you like to see?

  • Recipes based on real/whole/traditional foods?
  • Menu plans?
  • Homesteading?
  • Preparedness and Food Storage?
  • Off-Grid Living?
  • Homeschooling?
  • Posts about the cabin constructions/finishing?
  • Or something else?

Let me know what interests you. And thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus. 🙂



Our off-grid cabin life includes an unfinished kitchen. 🙂 We’ve been loving cooking outside this summer. If you are looking to cook outside more while the weather still permits, you’ll love the Cooking Outside ebook from my affiliate partner, Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

Cooking Outside from Traditional Cooking School


Another favorite book of mine for outdoor cooking is Roughing it Easy by Dian Thomas.

Roughing it Easy by Dian Thomas

I use and highly recommend both of these books!

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