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Last month I shared that we’re planning for Vacation. Yes, it is still a few months off but I love my planning time! Our vacation this year will be a road trip back to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation ceremony we will be camping on the Oregon Coast for 3 nights, then we’ll take a leisurely drive home, camping along the way while in Oregon and either camping or staying in a ‘cheap’ motel in Idaho.

Last summer we went camping and had a wonderful time. That was only for one night (all we could manage to get away) but everyone enjoyed it. Look how happy Christopher is playing in the dirt.

We camped on a stream and brook trout season was open so we enjoyed trout for dinner and for breakfast along with our regularly planned food. Kiki is our Master Fisher and caught the bulk of the fish. She even cleans them herself (she is pretty awesome).

We were able to go for a hike and climb around on some rather large rocks. It was the perfect little getaway. One thing that I remember vividly is when Christopher woke up in the morning and realized he was in a tent he had the biggest smile on his face. I think he was born to camp! I am very much looking forward to the new memories we will create this year.

Perhaps I’m being a little generous when I tell you we are camping. While last summer we did camp in a tent (and usually do) for this trip we will actually be taking advantage of the wonderful alternative lodging options that Oregon State Campgrounds offer. We’ll be staying in Yurts and even a Teepee! We love tent camping but sometimes Oregon weather in June is still a little damp.

So we are making a dryer lodging choice but still having the enjoyment of camping. We’ll still have the fire, camp chairs and outdoor cooking. Just a (hopefully) dry place to sleep. The place we are visiting in Idaho doesn’t have Yurts available. We think we will be tent camping there but are still undecided.

My menu is coming along well. I really appreciate the wonderful suggestions that were given in the comments section of last month’s post. They were very helpful! Even though we will be on vacation, I want to try to alleviate digestive issues by providing some of the foods that we are used to instead of just eating whatever. But at the same time, this is vacation so there will be some serious compromise foods. I’m still going to aim for our 80/20 motto (80% real, 20% compromise) with hopes of coming close to that.

Our trip is divided into segments. Because this post would be waaay to long if I put everything here, I’ll share Segment 1 this time. I’ll make link from here on the additional segments as those posts become live (plus you will of course know about them because you are signed up for my feeds, right?)

Segment 1= Car Trip (part of this post)

Segment 2= Visiting Family/Graduation

Segment 3= Camping at the Beach

Segment 4= The Long Trip Home- Part 1

Segment 5= The Long Trip Home- Part 2

Each segment has different food needs which is one reason I divided it up. I want to plan for probiotics a bit more than I do at home. At home we have quite a few ferments and cultures in the fridge at all times so it is easy just to pull something out and add it to the meal. On the road that won’ t be the case and probiotics really help keep our guts healthy during times of stress. While a vacation should be all fun and games, we all know that it can be a bit stressful! Especially riding in vehicles for extended amounts of time. I’ll add them into the menu plan in hopes of remembering to serve them.

One thing to note, anytime you see the word “Picnic” that indicates we will be en route somewhere but that we intend to actually stop and eat- hopefully in a ‘nice’ park with a picnic table 🙂

Segment 1:Car Trip

We will be leaving Wyoming after Joe finishes work and driving ‘straight through’. It is an 18+ hour trip. We’ll be taking along meals (and car activities in hopes of keeping a 2 and a half year old happy). Kiki and Lulu will not be riding along with us. They are flying to Oregon the week prior in order to have time with their dad and grandma. I’m sharing my tentative menu plan for this segment. I should point out that often times when I link to recipes they are used more as a reference or a guide then anything. I often substitute items to fit more to our food choices or make a homemade version of the suggested item.

Picnic Supper: Chicken Tomato Wraps (sourdough tortillas for the wrap), Warm Potato Salad (I’m thinking I will put it in a thermos to keep it warm or just stick in in the cooler and serve it cold- I like the lack of mayo in it), veggie sticks and homemade buttermilk/kombucha dip, to drink real milk and/or kombucha

Picnic Breakfast: Sourdough or soaked breakfast cake with homemade raw cream cheese, boiled eggs, baked oatmeal squares with milk and milk to drink

Picnic Lunch: Cobb Salad Wraps (sub turkey bacon), sprouted lentil slaw, homemade brownies, to drink kombucha

Car Snacks (rolling right on along): sourdough crackers, cheese spread (homemade raw soft cheese spiced up), cut apples, grapes, nuts, dried fruit, homemade cookies, veggie sticks (leftover from dinner), to drink water

So that is what I’m thinking. What changes or additions would you make?

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