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We are up to the final leg of our Road/Camping trip back to Oregon for my daughter’s graduation. Segment 5: Part 2 of the Long Trip Home.

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At the end of Segment 4, we were just leaving Eastern Oregon where we had spent the night at a campground in a teepee. We have a bigger drive day scheduled (about 6 hours) so hope to get a pretty early start.

When our driving day ends, we’ll be at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Unlike our Oregon camping where we enjoyed ready made accommodations in the form of staying with family, a yurt or a teepee we’ll really be ‘roughing it’ in Idaho. We’ll be staying at a semi-primitive campground and pitching our tent. By semi-primitive I mean we’ll have a port-a-potty but no showers (all of the Oregon State Parks have shower facilities). The price is right though at $15 a night for our camp spot so I’m not really complaining. And truth be told, we’ve camped primitive several times before so it’s not a big deal.

We’ll be staying at our campground for two nights which very much makes it worth the time to set up the tent. While in Lava Hot Springs we plan to swim at the pool (click on the photo credit link above for more info about the pools and slides) and possibly float down the river.

Here’s what we’re eating.
Friday Picnic Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches (egg salad and flat bread made at last campground), fresh fruit and veggies. This will be on the road. We’ll also be stopping to restock our groceries along the way.
Friday Camping Supper: Enchilada Casserole (made in dutch oven). I’ll check on my bucket bread to see if I need to mix up some additional to use over the weekend.
Saturday Camping Breakfast: Sourdough pancakes with fruit and yogurt, scrambled eggs. While I’m cooking pancakes, I’ll have a second skillet going with rustic biscuits from my bucket bread to use for lunch, my dinner hamburger, and breakfast tomorrow.
Saturday Picnic Lunch: Salmon Salad Sandwiches (biscuits), veggie sticks
Saturday Camping Dinner: Hamburgers and maybe chips. We don’t eat chips very often but I’m sure the kids and Joe would be surprised by them.
Sunday Camping Breakfast: biscuits with peanut butter and fruit spread, yogurt and fruit
Sunday Lunch out: Somewhere along the way home we hope to find a lunch spot
Sunday Supper: At our own house- I plan to have sourdough tortillas stashed in the freezer along with refried beans and shredded cheese for Bean and Cheese Burritos
When I was researching food ideas for our trip I found a couple of other blog articles for foods on the road.

Here is a GAPS diet blog that took food for a road trip;

GNOWFGLINS has several posts that I found helpful in my planning; Nutrient Dense Food for the Road, A Real Food Travel Menu, Frugal and Healthy Eating While Traveling, plus I’m using several of Wardeh’s recipes from her blog and also from her online courses. The ‘bucket bread’ that I’ll be using along the way is from her Sourdough eCourse (and now she has a sourdough ebook) and is lesson 5 No Knead Sourdough bread.

Sara is taking food along for a Family Reunion this weekend. Here is her grain free meal plan.

Cheeslave has an article How to Pack Airline Snacks for Kids that had some good portable food suggestions.

Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship has a fun ebook on Family Camping that I ordered and found quite useful. At the same link she also has a book on Healthy Snacks to Go which I didn’t get but probably should have.

We leave tomorrow. Today I have several things to do to get ready including my final shopping. The big town near me now has a Natural Grocers and I’m quite excited about it. There are several new (to me) and exciting items that I’m trying out. I’ll be getting a few more snack foods from there and some of the basic items for the beginning part of the journey. And of course, there is plenty of packing up to do.

It is hard for me to believe that my daughter is graduating from college! It seems like we were just taking her there and getting her dorm set up. Did I mention that she is graduating with Honors? 🙂 We are all very proud of her and look forward to this celebration.

Any last minute preparation tips for me?

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