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Savoring the Last Sips of Fall |

For me, fall evokes memories of being with family. The start of the holiday season is upcoming and suddenly staying inside, bundled up, cuddling on the couch with my husband and a pup aren’t as frowned upon as during the summer months. There are some days, though, that you just can’t stand the thought of being inside another moment (especially if you work from home). On those days I love to plan an outing with my family or just my husband and our two dogs to make the most of the last days of fall.

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Plan a drive in the mountains.

I live in Southern Montana, about 30 minutes from the Wyoming border. This means I have the wonderful fortune of seeing the Beartooths when I’m out and about running errands. On my fall bucket list is a nice drive through the Beartooths while the trees are gorgeous with their fall foliage and the snow hasn’t come down too hard yet.

A day out fishing and picnicking

On one of those perfect fall days where it is cool in the morning but heats up in the afternoon, pack a picnic lunch and your poles for a relaxing afternoon outing. Bonus points if you bring a cozy plaid blanket and a good book to enjoy between nibbles.

Small Town Outing

Find a nearby small town that has a quaint historic district and beautiful fall foliage. Spend the day exploring the shops, stopping in coffee shops for a mug of cider and peeping the changing foliage amidst the bygone architecture. Bonus points if there’s antiquing nearby!

Fall Hike

Gather your friends or family for a little nature outing into a nearby forest. The sights will be lovely and the crisp fall air will do you good!

Savoring the Last Sips of Fall |


Pumpkin patch

Now that I live within 45 minutes of my mom, I plan to make visiting the pumpkin patch an annual thing. Go enjoy getting lost in a corn maze, eating caramel apples, picking out the bumpiest, curliest-stemmed pumpkin you can find! Don’t forget to hop on the hay ride!

 Savoring the Last Sips of Fall |

Book and a Cuppa Al Fresco

Before the last whisps of fall give way to the chill of winter, why not have your morning coffee on the patio and enjoy the chill of a fall morning? Bring a book and a blanket and luxuriate in the fall sunshine.

Make pumpkin or Butternut Squash soup or pumpkin pie…mmm

Set some time aside for a last hurrah at the Farmer’s Market as the season starts to wind down. Scoop up some pumpkin or butternut squash for a savory soup in your slowcooker, or turn that pumpkin into a wonderful pie! Don’t forget to cover the pie crust so it doesn’t burn!

Pumpkin Carving

So, you’ve picked out the most beautiful pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch. Now it’s time to carve it up! Invite some friends or family over for a carving party.

Bonus: keep the seeds and roast them!

Haunted House

Find a nearby haunted house and your bravest companions for an outing you’re sure to remember. Finish off with a scary movie and you’ve had your cardio for the evening!

Winery Tour

I always enjoy a nice drive through the country side. I like it even better when there’s a nice treat waiting for me at the end! Plan a group outing to 3-4 wineries for a fun afternoon. The scenery will be splendid and hopefully you’ll bring home a little something for yourself!

Savoring the Last Sips of Fall |

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Tell us in the comments!

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