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Something I’ve been thinking alot about lately is Self Care.

I get pretty busy and forget about tending to my own personal needs in the process. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who does this! This can be extremely detrimental. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy”. Sad but true at my house. Working from home can really compound the need for self care. While I love working from home, it does have a few challenges and I can find myself overwhelmed. Taking care of our own needs is extremely important.  Being stressed out can delay healing or lead to new health issues.

What do you do when things are crazy busy for you and you start feeling the effects of that situation? 

Often times, all I need is a quick break. Weather permitting, I go outside and see my chickens and ducks.  It is amazing how a quick visit with them will help with my stress.  Christopher (age 3) really likes those kind of breaks also. He loves to give them a little grain as a treat.

Another thing that helps my stress is just stepping away from my project and doing something with Christopher. Coloring, play doh, or playing a matching game with cards is always fun.

Something we used to do but not as much any longer is tea time. When the girls would get home from school we’d have tea and a snack. I don’t know why we rarely do that now but I think it is something we need to return too. We all enjoyed it.

This might sound silly, but I’ve found that when I need to ‘step away’ sometimes going in and ‘freshening up’ puts me in a whole new place. Brushing out my hair, washing my face and brushing my teeth almost make me feel like a new person.

If someone else is around (to keep an eye on Christopher) and I really need a break I’ll give myself a time-out and go to my room for a bit.  I don’t necessarily do anything special during that time other than lay on the bed and relax. I find that to be very helpful. An actual nap would probably be nice too but that is rare.

Time permitting, a hot bath and a fiction book is my favorite break. I tend to read the same fiction books over and over which almost seems like a visit with an old friend.  I find that very relaxing.

Sometimes we just need to get away.

Camping Trip 2010

As those of you have livestock or animals know, getting away can be a challenge but is very worth it. Sometimes we only manage a night away and even that is terrific.  Two summers ago we managed a one night camping trip. It was short but we all still talk about how great it was.  Last summer we took off for 10 days when my oldest daughter graduated college. We turned that into a camping road trip which was great fun. This summer we have another road trip planned that we are all looking forward too.  Finding a reliable house sitter (or two) is what makes these getaways possible. Of course, with all of the arrangements needed to be gone long term that can increase the stress and require more of the short self care items!

What kinds of things do you do when things get crazy? How do you Take it Easy?

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