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I love a beautifully roasted turkey for our Thanksgiving meal, but I equally love the dishes we create in the days following. While my very favorite is a simple sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce, mayo (homemade), and cream cheese tucked into a homemade roll (oh my!), we’ll often get creative with our dishes, making a whole new turkey experience. You’ll love these delicious Thanksgiving leftovers recipes!

20+ Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes


This year, many are downsizing their festivities. Perhaps you already bought your turkey before deciding to decrease your guest count. This article is for you! You’ll love these wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers recipe ideas. And you don’t have to eat turkey day after day until it’s gone. Cooked turkey freezes wonderfully! Stash a few packages in the freezer to pull out in the upcoming weeks. No more boring leftovers.


20+  Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes



Sandwiches are a great way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers! My family loves using homemade bread for sandwiches. Our favorites are Minimal-Knead Sourdough Bread and No-Knead Emergency Bread.



Or chop up your leftover turkey and make a Main Dish Salad with one of these delicious homemade dressings:




Main Courses


Create Your Own Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers recipes to make?

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