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I love a classic Thanksgiving feast. I have many memories of my mom starting days in advance to make all the family favorites: roast turkey, dressing, homemade rolls, sweet potatoes dripping in tiny marshmallows, and her special cheeseball salad. Oh, mercy. It was all so amazing. I still love the festivity of Thanksgiving but now try to approach the day focusing not only on delicious but also nutritious fare. I’m excited to share a collection of healthy Thanksgiving menu ideas your entire family will love.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Because we all have slightly different tastes, I’ve offered several choices in each category from appetizers to desserts. Pick one, or two, from each to create your perfect menu. I’ve even marked several as budget-friendly for those watching their pennies.

Now, with grown children, Thanksgiving is even more special. A time when we try to all get together (weather and schedules permitting) and enjoy not just the day, but the weekend. As a bonus, I’ve included a few favorite Day After Thanksgiving Brunch dishes so you, too, can keep the festivities going!


Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Ideas


Thanksgiving Appetizers


Thanksgiving Soups and Salads


Thanksgiving Menu Ideas


Thanksgiving Main Dish


Thanksgiving Sides


Thanksgiving Menu Ideas


Thanksgiving Desserts


Day After Thanksgiving Brunch


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What are your Thanksgiving menu ideas? Leave a comment below!


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