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Preparedness information is abundant across the internet. In this article, I share some of what I consider to be the best preparedness resources.

The Best Preparedness Resources

Knowledge is power. Thomas Jefferson believed knowledge also equated to safety and happiness (source). Gaining knowledge is an important part of our lives. It helps guide our paths and steer our future. In today’s world, knowledge is at the click of a finger. We can tap a few keys, swipe a screen, and just about anything we wish to learn is at our fingertips.

There’s so much available, it’s often overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. I’ve been there! When I started my preparedness journey in 2008, the internet was much younger. There was less “noise.” Even then, I wasn’t sure of legit information and what was lacking in substance. Even now, it’s difficult to decipher. And add in personal preference, and things really get interesting!

So many websites, books, podcasts, and videos take a sky-is-falling approach to sharing. There’s always some new threat on the horizon, so and so is going to attack in the next X amount of time, zombie hoards are coming, there’s an imminent threat of a worldwide disaster, et cetera, et cetera.

I’ll admit, I’m often sucked into the latest potential danger. But for my overall preparedness efforts, I’m not thinking of a worldwide disaster. I’m thinking about exactly what got me started on this journey in the first place. A localized event that caused a temporary disruption in my life and day-to-day services.

Why I Started Prepping

For me, it was a massive windstorm that opened my eyes—the Great Coastal Gale of 2007. With the power out for almost a week, grocery stores accepting only cash, and most gas stations closed, things were interesting, to say the least. Up to that point, I’d thought little about the efforts of a long-term power outage.

After the power came back on, things started to return to normal, but massive flooding caused a mudslide, which closed one of the main roads into our town. While supply trucks could go around, we had a minor fuel and food shortage for many weeks. Gas was limited to two gallons per person at a time. Grocery shelves were empty of easy-to-cook items.

In the last almost two years, we’ve seen the empty shelves and there have been sporadic fuel issues. With the worldwide pandemic and so many other things happening, I’ll admit, sometimes it does feel like the sky is falling. Now is the time to stay aware. Pay attention to what’s happening while we continue with our long-term preparedness goals.

As I share my favorite, best preparedness resources, you may notice there are homesteading and off-grid links also. The homesteading links bring in extra knowledge to preparedness ideas.While a major wind event, like the Great Coastal Gale, doesn’t bring about the need for knowing how to garden or raise chickens, history has shown a time when this was necessary and encouraged.

Remember Victory Gardens during both world wars?

A little knowledge now could equal safety, happiness, and power when needed.

The Best Preparedness Resources

The Best Preparedness Resources








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