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Hello, Dear Readers,

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Multnomah Falls Oregon


Last week I worked in Oregon (the photo above is of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge). While I was there I came to the realization that I am spread too thin. This thought was nothing new. For the past year or so I’ve been feeling the pressure of a full schedule. This trip really spurred me to decide to do something about it. I work pretty much full time as a Virtual Assistant, homeschool Christopher (age 6), have the homestead duties with the chickens, goats, cooking, etc, we’re building a cabin and will soon be moving, I try to keep up with this blog and countless other things. I’m sure my schedule sounds about like many of yours. 😉

Unfortunately, there are many areas that I’m not keeping up like I should.  Homeschool is one.  Christopher is doing pretty good and is still very young but I would like to focus more on his lessons (and be truly focused during school time).  Joe does the bulk of the chores right now but we’ll soon be having baby goats which means I’ll be milking again. And I don’t even want to tell you about the mess here and the amount of stuff we need to go through, get rid of, and so on before we can move (did I mention our cabin will be a little bit smaller than our current house).

And then there is this blog. For many years I loved sharing our real food for less money recipes and the variety of ways we enjoy beans, soups and wild game. But lately my cooking inspiration is a dark void and I have very little information worth sharing. It’s not terribly exciting to tell you how I put an antelope roast in the crock pot with only salt and pepper, remembered to throw some potatoes in the oven to bake about an hour before dinner and steamed some broccoli. That, my friends, is about as exciting as it gets around here lately!

north view

I would like to share our progress on our cabin but since we live several hours away from the new place we don’t get up too often to actually work on the cabin. We do still plan to move in to the cabin at the end of summer so we’d better start making progress soon. The animal housing will take priority over the cabin since we’ll need to have that set up before moving them all to the property.  I suspect we’ll be staying in our tent those first weeks while we finish some interior work before moving in.

For now, I’m putting this blog on hiatus. If something exciting happens in the kitchen, other than crock pot antelope, I’ll share.  Once we start making progress on the cabin and new property, I’ll share. I anticipate the format to become more like a journal than anything as we embark on our new off grid life at our Homespun Oasis. Thanks so much for your support for over the past several years. I do hope to ‘see’ you again. 🙂

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