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Over this last year we’ve been working on re-doing our little kitchen. When we bought this house ( a used double wide that we got for cheap) it was all rather dated looking. The walls were almost all done in lovely brown paneling and the entire house (except for a square in front of each toilet) was carpeted. But the price was right (no house payment!) and we knew those things could be improved over time.

My kitchen is a narrow strip that is open on each end. One end is the dining room and the other opens to what is supposed to be a family room (we use it as my office and storage).  Here is picture showing the original kitchen on the sink side.


And here is a picture showing the other side.


While ugly, the kitchen was really not bad. The cabinet space was adequate as was the counter space. Plus I like how it opens to the dining room (which I often use as a work space).

The house came with a dishwasher but we never used it. It didn’t work quite right and the dishes were never really clean. The house also came with a microwave which we got rid of a couple of winters ago.  The carpet in the kitchen was really a bad thing. It didn’t look bad when we bought the house but soon it was awful.

A little bit at a time starting last August we began to update. First we hired a neighbor boy (who also happens to be my 18 year-old girls boy friend) to tack beadboard up over the ugly paneling. Then everything got a nice coat of white paint (not just the kitchen but the hall, family room and dining room also). Finally it was time to take up the carpet. That was a big job! Joe also removed the dish washer (it is still a hole in the room but will eventually have shelves).

Take a look at the after pictures!




And a close up of my new floor! No more carpet. 🙂 We did the tile from the front door back to the girls bedrooms, the family room, the kitchen and the dining room. It was a big job (Joe did most of it) and took a long time to finish but I absolutely love it. These are 18 inch vinyl tiles that we got on clearance. We actually worried we didn’t buy enough but have a couple of boxes left over (to use at our next house?) so it all worked out well.


I love my new kitchen!

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