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There’s something truly satisfying when returning to our roots in the kitchen, adopting routines that were used throughout time and making them our own in a modern kitchen. Traditional cooking is nutritious, delicious, and so satisfying. Truthfully, one of the wonderful things about traditional cooking is not needing a bunch of specialized equipment. While specialty items aren’t needed, there are a few things that are very welcome and can help immensely. You’ll find many items in this holiday gift guide that are perfect for the novice or experienced traditional cook.

Traditional Cook Holiday Gift Guide

Traditional cooking is a great way to not only get back to your roots but also to improve your health at the same time. Soaking, fermenting, souring, sprouting, and focusing on real foods can boost gut health as well as overall health and wellness. Traditional cooking is pretty simple but can also involve extra steps and time. Soaking and souring take time. Sprouting takes time. While this holiday gift guide doesn’t involve time-warp shortcuts, having the right item(s) for the job will make the entire process go smoother.

From basic, traditional-style kitchen supplies (think well-seasoned cast iron instead of potentially flaking non-stick) to appliances (a pressure cooker or Instant Pot makes a great addition to a traditional kitchen) to specialty items for specific needs, this holiday gift guide offers it all. Who knows? You may even find a little something perfect for your own kitchen. 😉


Traditional Cook Holiday Gift Guide

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