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We’ve been enjoying our beautiful summer with trips to the local lakes and river for fishing. We had a few trout in the freezer and decided to invite a couple of neighbors over for a trout feast.

Trout Grilled in Parchment

Our off grid kitchen is perfect for barbecue. In ‘the olden days’ of my fish barbecuing experience I’d put cleaned trout in foil and put in the fire to cook. Now I try to avoid foil touching our food so decided to change up the method slightly by first wrapping in parchment paper. This turned out wonderful! Not only did the fish not touch the aluminum but it also didn’t stick.

Here’s what we did:

My husband cleaned each trout and removed the head, the tails were left on.

I tore off a square of parchment. The size varied depending on how large of fish I was working with but most were at least 12 to 18 inches long. The I tore off an equal size of foil. I put the foil on my cutting board and then topped with the parchment and put the fish in the center.

In the cavity I stuffed a little dill, flat parsley, coarsely chopped red onion and sprinkled with sea salt. I coated the top of the fish with butter then added lemon slices and another sprinkle of salt.

I carefully folded the parchment around fish.

Once that was folded and neat I folded the foil around. I like to fold the ends up and then fold the center making a crease in the middle. The fish will need to be flipped so you want it to hold together well. The picture shows one of the larger fish. I had to use two pieces of foil to wrap it up. It’s not as pretty as some of the others but it did the job.

Trout Grilled in Parchment

Once all my fish were wrapped up and the coals were ready we put them on the grill and let cook 5 to 7 minutes per side. The smaller fish take less time than the larger fish.

When done, carefully remove the foil, it’s super hot.

Trout Grilled in Parchment

Then unwrap the parchment (there will be lots of steam) and enjoy!

Trout Grilled in Parchment

Remember trout does have bones. Here’s a fun video that shows how to eat a whole fish. Ours didn’t have heads this time but we may leave them on next time. 🙂

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roughing it easy

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