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Each week Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts Tuesday Twister which provides us with the opportunity to recap what has been happening in our kitchens through pictures and words. This week has been pretty low key. I have been very busy with work (I’m a bookkeeper from home and it is end of the year wrap up/tax time) so I haven’t been taking as much time in the kitchen.

Liver Dumplings
If you read here much, you may have noticed that I have a weird obsession with liver. I ordered 20 pounds of organic chicken livers from Azure Standard a few months ago and we are working our way through them. We have found some delicious recipes like Spinach Crepes Bernoise, Ren’s Chopped Liver, Kimi’s Pâté and simple Sautéed Chicken Livers from Nourishing Traditions. When I was menu planning last time I found in Nourishing Traditions a recipe for Liver Dumpling Soup. It called for beef liver but a quick internet search yielded versions using chicken livers. The recipe sounded very promising. We love dumplings so I hoped for a winner. Making the dumplings was easy. They look good, a little like meatballs.
Liver Dumpling Soup (Leberklosse)
The Dumplings are simmered in broth. It is a fairly quick meal. Heat the broth, make the dumplings, simmer. The end results were mixed. Joe thought they were wonderful. The girls tasted them but declared them icky (in fairness that is their standard response to anything liver), Christopher threw them on the floor. I ate one dumpling and thought it was good but about halfway through the second I decided it wasn’t that great. They were a little on the blah side. Unless Joe specifically request Liver Dumpling Soup, I don’t think we will be having it again.
Persimmon Cookies
I’m still working on finding a Persimmon Cookie recipe we like. My previous results were dismal but these results were much better. I think I’ll keep tweaking it and hope someday to have a nice sweet treat to help me use up my freezer full of persimmons.
Country Bread with Yogurt Cheese and Kumquat Marmalade
I usually make sourdough bread. I make 4 loaves at a time and we use it for everything. Sandwiches, toast, alongside our dinner, etc. With 7 of us in the house it sometimes goes pretty fast. I try to keep an eye on it and start a new batch when we have one loaf left. Since the sourdough takes a while (about 24 hours start to finish)it is not exactly a ‘quick’ bread. Occasionally, I don’t notice how low we are on bread or that we are completely out until someone tells me. And you know my family can not be without bread because that is when everyone wants a fried egg sandwich or toast with peanut butter on it. On those occasions I have a couple of tried and true yeast bread recipes that I’ve adapted. One bread we like is adapted from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Cookbook. I was first attracted to this recipe while we were living in our camp trailer and just starting out on Real Food. Under the recipe headline it says “An easy-to-make, no knead bread, well suited for beginning bread bakers”. Yippee! I’m all about no-knead. I do consider this a compromise recipe since it uses commercial yeast but I think it is a whole lot better than anything I can get in the grocery stores in my area. I’ll post the adapted recipe in a few days.
I’ve also found a great use for the quart of Kumquat Marmalade that I made last month. It is delicious mixed with yogurt cheese and used as a spread.
What has been Twisting in your kitchen this week?
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