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I haven’t participated in Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister for a couple of weeks but I actually had a couple of things to share now.

I tried a couple of new lacto-ferments. Ginger Carrots and Kimchi. The Kimchi is definitely a Hit but the Ginger Carrots I’m not sure about. They are different. Maybe we all just love the Spicy Carrots so much that it is hard for us to enjoy our carrots in a new way. I’m going to serve them again and see if the response is better.

This is something kind of fun. I know it isn’t much to look at. Over a year ago I found a recipe for Sprouted Grain Bread that is made in the Crock Pot. I thought it was an interesting idea. When we started our switch to Real/Traditional/Whole Foods the idea of trying that bread stuck with me. I finally got around to doing it. While simple to make it is a plan ahead bread. The first step is sprouting wheat (which takes a couple of days) then the bread is made and cooks for 8 hours in the crock pot. The recipe that I linked has one (that’s right 1) ingredient in the bread. Sprouted Wheat. I actually added sea salt so my bread has two ingredients. I didn’t exactly follow the recipe which says to sprout 1 cup of wheat. I wanted the sprouted wheat for other things too so I did a half gallon of sprouted wheat. The bread has a wonderful flavor and is very rich. It didn’t make a very large loaf but because of the richness it ended up being enough. Sprouting the wheat changes the composition of it by increasing many of the vitamins and also neutralizing the phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors (read more here). We’ll stick with our sourdough bread for everyday use but this is a fun and different bread that is great to have alongside a winter soup.
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