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Last week was a pretty good food week. We enjoyed delicious Spinach Crepes Bernoise. I can not say enough about these. If you would like to add organ meats to your diet these are a wonderfully flavorful way to do it.

We are still eating soups. The weather continues to be on the chilly side so soup is definitely welcome. This is a Beef-Barley soup that was made from leftover roast. I used this recipe as a guide. The original recipe calls for lamb and I’ve made it a couple of time with excellent results. The beef was quite good in it.

This is my current obsession. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I struggle with making water kefir. Sometimes it turns out pretty good and sometimes not so good but it was never something that we just loved. Until now. Using Wardeh’s suggestion to flavor the water kefir with vanilla did the trick. To make it completely irresistible we are topping it with a generous dollop of raw cream. It reminds me of the Italian Soda’s I used to make when I worked at a coffee shop 20+ years ago. Only without the sugar and other questionable ingredients. Plus it is another great way to add cream, a healthy fat, into our diet.

This is another picture of the Cream Soda but I mixed this one up. This is my preferred way to drink it instead of leaving it in the layers.


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