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Tuesday and time to see a few highlights of what’s been Twisting in my kitchen this past week. Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts the Tuesday Twisterwhere we can share what we have been working on. I love these recaps. It is a great way for me to look back and see how we are doing in our real food quest and where we can make improvements. Plus I love visiting the other Twists to see what others are doing and get great ideas from them.

Here is a fairly common meal for us. We like to have Chicken Fried Steaks. Chicken Fry is a very easy and tasty meal that works great for almost any kind of meat. This picture is venison but I think any meat will work. We use coconut oil for frying and the flavor is amazing. I love eating traditional style foods and using healthy oils for cooking. For so many years I thought fat was the enemy. It is so freeing to know that good, healthy oils/fats are not the enemy but actually a necessity for good health.

This was a delicious dinner. I used this recipe for Baked Trout Saratogaas a guide. The recipe uses a whole trout but I only had fillets in the freezer (Mackinaw which is a kind of trout). It was still delicious and flaky. And a super easy to assemble meal that baked in no time.

Last night I wanted to make a ‘special’ bread to go along with our humble bean soup. A friend had given me 50 pounds of rye flour last week so I thought some kind of rye bread would help use that up and be something different for us. I found a yummy looking recipe called Black Bread with Pecans, Raisins and Cranberries. Only problem, my family doesn’t like pecans or raisins and I didn’t have any cranberries. I still made the bread but left out the nuts and fruits. Delicious! It is a yeast bread and not soaked so will not become part of our regular meals but certainly was a tasty treat. The bread has cocoa powder in it which gives it the rich color and a wonderful taste. I wish the goats cheese that I have going (thanks to Gnowfglins eCourse, I’ve braved making a real soft cheese) would have been done. I bet it would be delicious on this bread. After dinner we enjoyed Vanilla Pudding (I altered this recipe to work for us). I didn’t get a picture of it (it didn’t last long enough) but YUM! My friend that gave me the flour had also brought me 3 gallons of goat milk. The first night we made Vanilla Ice Cream and topped it with Cajeta, plus I have the cheese going and some of it became the Vanilla Pudding for last night. I still have a gallon and a half in the freezer for future use.
Those are the highlights from my week in the kitchen. What’s been Twisting in your kitchen? Pop over to Gnowfglins to share your kitchen Twist and see others.

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