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> My Tuesday Twister is lacking in pictures of food. It’s been another busy week and I kept forgetting to take photographs before all the food was gone. I do have a few other sort of food related pictures of things I’ve been working on.

This is the garden. Or will be soon. Currently I have seven 4×4 garden boxes but only one of them has anything planted in it. Our last frost date is June 8 so it is still a bit early. I do have peas, radishes, chives and a little arugula started. And I have some things started inside. In the garden I have planted 25 strawberries and just outside the garden are blackberries, raspberries and elderberries. And in other spots in the yard we have apples, cherries and a few other things recently planted. You can take a current tour of my yard here if you would like. Yesterday marked our one year anniversary in Wyoming so I’ve put up a few before and after pictures on my other blog.

Besides for the garden I’ve also been taking care of these twenty five cockerels.

And taking care of our seven hens. That rooster in the picture doesn’t live here- he just thinks he does.

Look! A picture of food! Last night I finally remembered to do the picture before we ate all the food. This was an amazing and simple dinner. Ren made these Brazo de Dios Chili Cheese Grits the other day and I almost copied his recipe with very little substitutions. It was amazing. A little bit on the spicy side from the chipotles but very flavorful. A definite repeat meal.

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