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We had a pretty good food week last week. I tried a few new things that we really enjoyed.
Wednesday night we had breakfast for dinner. My girls love crepes. For the filling I combined homemade cream cheese (yogurt that the whey has dripped out of) and kefir cheese (2 parts cream cheese to one part kefir cheese) and added a little organic cane sugar to it (honey would have been great but I don’t use that if I think that our baby might eat what I’m making) until it was the sweetness that I thought would go over best with my family. Then I topped the cheese mixture with apples that had been sauteed in butter, rolled it up, put more apples on top and another dollop of the cheese mixture.

The crepes were served alongside fried potatoes, onions and bacon.

And I also offered this yummy Pate served on thinly sliced toasted sourdough bread (cut in quarters to make it seem like a ‘cracker’) which was amazingly delicious. I divided the recipe into thirds as recommended and still have two portions in the freezer. Crepes, fried potatoes and Pate is a wonderful breakfast for dinner.

Thursday night we got very brave with dinner. We had Tacos with a choice of two meats. Meat choice number 1 was grass fed ground beef. Meat choice number 2 was tongue. This is the recipe that I followed for it. I will be honest, I really wasn’t interested in ordering the tongue (from my grass fed beef CSA) or cooking the tongue and I definitely didn’t want to eat the thing. BUT Joe really wanted to try it so… There are lots of pictures on the link that show what the tongue looks like and how to cook it. If I could have cooked it with my eyes closed I would have. By the time that it was completed and I was turning it into a Taco filling it just looked like roast beef. And I did eat it. The flavor was very good and I actually liked it. The picture above shows the two taco’s. The one on the left is the ground beef, the one on the right the tongue. They are on homemade whole wheat tortillas and topped with creme fraiche, cheese and taco sauce.
What did you Twist in your kitchen this past week?
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