Walking Through the Fire

Walking Through the Fire | HomespunOasis.com

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Walking Through the Fire | HomespunOasis.com

Most days I love our off-grid life. Our little farm of goats and chickens bring me joy. Building our own house, while often a struggle, is also very satisfying and I love seeing it come together.

Our dry cabin is sometimes a challenge but not having running water isn’t usually that big of a deal.

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The small solar energy system gives us enough power to meet out needs on a normal day.

My work from home job allows me to be home and help support our family.

Joe’s schedule allows him to come home for a few hours in the morning before finishing his day.

And then there are days like today.

One of the baby goats feels smaller than she should so I’m concerned she’s not eating right or not well.

Our unfinished house has no storage space and our bedroom is being used to put things not always in use. I tripped over something today and it wasn’t pleasant.

Someone forgot to fill up the water filter yesterday so we’re currently out of drinking water.

We’ve had cloud and smoke for days which means we’re on power restrictions. I want to cook a roast to take on a trip this weekend. Because we don’t have our range hooked up yet (in our unfinished kitchen) our main method for cooking is our Instant Pot. I can’t use the IP because there isn’t enough sun/power. My second roast cooking method is using my Sun Oven. But since there is no sun…

My work is filled with challenges one right after another today.

Joe had to leave to go back to work while I’m in the middle of breaking down over everything that I feel is going wrong today. Probably a good thing for him but really not what I wanted.

Days like this I wish we lived on the grid so I could have all of the power I wanted. I wish we had running water and I could just open a tap. The idea of selling the farm has great appeal. And while I’m wishing I might as well wish for being independently wealthy so neither of us have to work.

But now I’m past the worst of the breakdown and know this is life.

Life is often messy.

Even if I had plenty of water and power there would be something else. The farm brings more joy than sorrow most days and if that ever flips then we will seriously consider liquidating. Joe and I are both fortunate enough to be able to do work we enjoy.

Things get bad for all of us.

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”~ Charles Bukowski


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