Water Kefir Soda Cremosa

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Many (many) years ago, fresh out of high school, I worked at a gourmet coffee shop.  Working there was the first place I heard of ‘fancy’ drinks like Italian Sodas and Cremosas.

Water Kefir

Fast forward to now, we make our own version of soda out of water kefir grains. I love making these healthy fermented sodas at home. Not only are they extremely good for our gut health but they taste great also. Plus we can create all kinds of delicious flavors and combinations at home.  Check out this great article from Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS on How to Make Water Kefir.

To add an even bigger benefit to our homemade water kefir sodas, we turn them into a Cremosa. Cremosa is one of the drinks I made at that gourmet coffee shop. It is an Italian Soda topped with cream. Yum, cream!

Adding a dollop of fresh (raw) cream to the top of our homemade soda makes it a special treat. Plus cream has it’s own health benefits.

Healthy fats like cream (and butter, which is made from cream) helps protect our immune systems, can prevent arthritis, helps our thyroid function properly, helps our brain function propertly and helps our digestion system work well in addition to a whole host of other benefits. We need healthy fats for our bodies to work the way they are supposed to!  (You can read more about the benefits of cream here.)


Pour your favorite (homemade) soda in a glass, top with anywhere from 1-3 Tablespoons of cream. Enjoy!

What is your favorite way to add healthy fats like cream into your diet?

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  1. Amy

    Hi, I’m curious how what you add once you’ve made water kefir to flavor this. Do you just add vanilla? Do you add anything else? Could you provide a recipe?


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