Wedding Bliss!

Hello friends!

My oldest daughter is now a married woman! Our trip to Oregon for the wedding, the events leading up to the wedding and the actual wedding was absolutely AMAZING. The professional photos won’t be availabe for a while yet but here are a few taken by family and friends.

Sierra and Aaron did not see each other from the time the rehearsal dinner was finished on Friday evening until Sierra came down the stairs for the ceremony. They were both super emotional when they did see each other and through the entire ceremony.


Their first dance.


One of their friends set up a carriage ride through downtown Portland for them.

carriage ride

Sierra and Aaron don’t care for cake so they had pie instead. Pecan. My favorite!

pie cutting

Sierra, Maid of Honor, and Flower Girl

Wedding Bliss1


Christopher was the ring bearer.



Here is a  photo of the room the reception was held in while the set up was being completed. It was a wonderful space. I highly recommend the Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon.


During the reception the “future grandparents” were given a certificate of promise for grand babies!


I was so please Sunday morning when Sierra told us it was a dream wedding!

In other news… we are now planning another wedding! Our second girl is getting married next August. 🙂


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