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This time next week we’ll be at the beach. However, not a beach that looks like the above picture.

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We’ll be at a beach more like this one. We are going to be visiting the Oregon Coast in the Oregon Sand Dune region. We’re going to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. We’ll spend a couple of days visiting family and attending graduation then we’ll spend a few nights camping near the beach. I’ve been sharing our food plans for our trip.
This is the week we leave. Since we are planning to take along food for the first few days, I will be spending some time in prep this week. I’m also working 8 hours (two 4 hour evening shifts) at the temp job I’ve been doing for a while, making sure that things are cleaned up for my bookkeeping job, and that my homebased business is in a place that I can leave it. Adding in the packing and making sure the house is semi tidy for our house sitter (my 20 year old daughter) I’m feeling a bit over extended. I will be ready for a vacation!
Our menu plan this week will be very simple. Two nights (Monday and Tuesday) Joe will be on his own making dinner for himself and Christopher. I suspect dinner those nights will be something like eggs and fried potatoes or some other breakfast for dinner type thing. Joe is pretty good at making those kind of meals. I worked an evening shift last week and he made them oatmeal. At least Christopher is pretty easy to please. I will have a batch of sourdough tortillas available also that Joe might turn into quesadilla or breakfast burritos.
Wednesday night I’ll be home but we’ll be trying to get our packing done to leave on Thursday. I’m cooking a couple of chickens that day so I suspect we’ll have chicken tacos using some of those tortillas.
Thursday evening we leave. We hope to be out of here between 5:30 and 6. We’ll take along dinner to eat a few hours down the road. We’ve been eating later with it getting dark so late so this will work out fine. You can read our menu plans for Thursday supper and part of Friday here. The rest of Friday and Saturday is here.

Food prep is going to be a big deal this week. Some things on my list;

dehydrate almonds (they are soaking)

make lentil sprouts (also soaking)

make double batch of sourdough tortillas

make up assorted seasoning mixes such as taco seasoning

cook a couple of chickens in the crock pot

precook veggies for pizza and freeze

precook rice for kimbap and salmon rice salad and freeze

make clabber cheese, soft cheese and kefir cheese

make baked oatmeal

AND a few other little things

Looking at that list, I think I’d better get off this computer and get to work 🙂

How does your week look? Anything exciting going on?

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