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There is something about September that I absolutely love. I think I view September along the lines of the new year and the ability to have a fresh start. Back to school time and a change of season is likely the reason. I’m often inclined to try to improve my organization skills, do some extra cleaning, re-work the budget and update long term plans and goals.

This September is no different but I’ve felt the need to put many of these things on hold. Right now the big focus is preparing to move.  Someday, in the near future, we’ll be living part time up at our cabin. The cabin is not yet done but that is not stopping us. So we’re packing and getting things ready. I’ll hopefully be able to work on my organization and all that fun stuff soon.

August was an exciting month! My second to the oldest daughter was married. It was a destination wedding to Lake Tahoe. The wedding was on the beach at sunset and was absolutely amazing.


I now have two married daughters which means I have two new sons! My oldest girl was married in November. She and her husband are leaving soon for their European honeymoon. Both girls and spouses are purchasing new homes. So much fun! I should note, I do have two more adult daughters. I am hoping we have a slight break before any additional weddings. 😉

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