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This is the first installment of the series Someone Else’s Shoes. This experience is Working Full Time and Real Foods. Each month my family will be “living a week in Someone Else’s Shoes” specifically to see how real/whole/traditional foods can be adapted to different scenarios. Be sure to read the series information post for more on this.

Working Full Time and Real Foods
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As mentioned in previous post, this experience is to mimic working outside the home. From 8:50 AM to 7PM my kitchen is CLOSED and I’m avoiding the housework.  Be sure to read more in Post 1 to find out the rules.  I feel this is an important piece to the series Someone Else’s Shoes due to the fact that limited time is something we all face. Whether working away from home, from home, being a homeschooler, etc. we all have time constraints of some sort.  I hope that this experience can help someone by providing ideas.  It has really helped me! I’m discovering a little more organization would be very beneficial.  


A replica of the previous mornings in the tidying up category.  Since I was so tired the night before and went to bed without taking meat from the freezer, I pulled that out so it could thaw enough to get the package open. When I need to quick thaw my meat that I get from my CSA I put it in water. The packaging makes this work perfectly. It doesn’t work with our home packaged meats or the meats that come in the white paper.  And the meal I was making is okay to start with frozen meat. Any other dish and I could have been in trouble! Note to self: It doesn’t take that much energy to pull meat out of the freezer.

While the meat thawed slightly, I prepped the veggies. I am running low on veggies so only had onion and cabbage to add to my dish. This was a crock pot dish. I dumped it all together; veggies, meat, seasonings and added a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce. Plugged in the crock pot and turned on low.

Breakfast Cake with Yogurt "Frosting"

Breakfast was the Breakfast Cake that I made last night. It turned out wonderful. Joe took leftovers from Thursday night’s dinner for his lunch. Christopher and I had something like nachos with the remains of the Super Bowl chips, the meat/bean mixture from Tuesday night and shredded cheese. It was good and something different.

7:00- time to start dinner.  Joe usually is a few minutes late on Friday’s since he has a few extra work things to do on this day.  My crock pot dinner had been cooking all day. This is the kind of dinner that has a bit of a gravy with it so we put it on a base. The base was leftover Quinoa from Wednesday night.  I put that in the pan with a little broth and set it on the stove but didn’t turn the heat on. That would wait until Joe walked in the door since it heats up so fast.  I wanted toppers for our dinner. Toppers are a great way to make the dish a little more special and also offer probiotics.  Our toppers were shredded cheese, clabber cheese, sour cream, fresh basil and lacto-fermented salsa. Everyone just picks their own topper for their dish (except for Christopher, I doll his up).  This meal turned out great!

No prep needed before bed.


I somewhat take Saturday’s off from cooking. Often times, I’ll prep things on Friday so I can just turn the crock pot on Saturday morning. This week, that didn’t happen so we’ll be eating leftovers.

Breakfast: Breakfast cake and Yogurt Parfaits.

Lunch:  Joe, Christopher and I ended up in town and picked up lunch there. Kiki and Lulu made their own lunch.  They made Honey-Garlic Pasta which is a family favorite for ’emergency’ meals. Substitute rice pasta for wheat pasta.

Dinner: Smorgasbord! Last night’s dinner. Plus Platter with Roast ‘spread’, Chicken ‘spread’., fermented salmon, pickled eggs, cheese chunks and anything else pulled out of the fridge.

On Monday, I’ll have a final recap of how the week went plus a bonus available that I know you will love.

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