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Curious about the things I discovered this month?

What have I been up to? Enjoying some treats and the finer things in life. – The Zgym

The past couple years I’ve struggled with getting enough daily exercise. I’d try to wake up early, or workout after I finished working 8 hours and driving 1.5 hours in my commute (45 min there and back, if I was lucky). Then I moved to Montana and started working from home. I still tried to get up early to get my movement in.

In January I decided that I was going to try a different approach because clearly, what I was doing wasn’t working. I started working out on my lunch hour, which is easy for me since I am working from home. That made such a difference! Morning = too early, too tired. Night = too late and too tired. On my lunch, I take the first 15 minutes, get my movement in, eat and get back to work feeling incredibly refreshed.

I use my standing mat as a workout mat and I keep my dumbbells under my desk, tucked to the side so I don’t trip on them. When I need to, I go grab an exercise ball from the garage.

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I’ve been following Zuzka since she was a part of, which, when I was dedicated to doing her workouts, was the single, most fit time of my life. Now that she has her own site, I’m so encouraged by it. She has multiple programs, I’m on the “Bunny Slope” program right now, which is intended for people who literally can’t do a single push-up. You’re supposed to keep at it every day until you “graduate” and can move onto a harder program. The workouts average 15-20 minutes long and they are short, but intense.

I’ll be honest, I don’t workout every single day, but the since February 1st I’ve only missed 3 days. I can’t even tell you how much better I am feeling. My confidence level is through the roof and I know that this time next year, I am going to look and feel fabulous!

$9.99 a month for unlimited workouts, no commuting to a gym. You seriously can’t beat that.

GloryBee Honey

I opened this jar of honey last week. It was the most incredible honey ever. Super creamy, very good flavor, with sort of a caramel color. I couldn’t remember buying the honey, so I looked at the label and it says it was from Eugene, Oregon. Well that explains a few things. 😉

Turns out, they have that same honey at Lucky’s Market in Billings, MT and I was able to get some more. So good!

Similar here. Interested in a taste of Montana? Try the Montana White Clover Blossom Honey from GloryBee.

New Hollandaise recipe for Eggs Benedict

My sister and her husband came to visit a couple weekends ago, and we had Mom, Joe and their kiddo over for brunch. Kiki showed me a very simple recipe she found on Pinterest for Hollandaise sauce that was delicious. Simple + delicious = winner!

She also showed me how to poached eggs, which I’ve tried in the past but they always fell apart.

So we served Eggs Benedict with bacon from Lucky’s Market and it was delish.

We managed to feed 7 people that morning for about $3.06 a person and the food was delicious.

The same weekend my sister visited, my husband suggested getting out of the house for a little while. It’s snowy here, so being cooped up all week is enough to drive anyone mad, but we didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money in town either, since my sister wanted to go out for Sushi.

The first thing Aaron did was hop onto to check for free events in town. Turns out, they had a MATE show (Montana Agri-Trade Expo) happening at the Rimrock arena, which is a huge space with lots to see and plenty of walking. Best part is, we were able to print off free tickets, which normally would have been $7.00 a person!

Now, I’m not a “farm girl,” but it was still fun seeing baby chicks, horses, big tractors and whatnot. Did I mention it was free?

Aaron has been checking that site pretty regularly to see if anything else fun pops up that we can do on the weekends we go into town. (There was also a free Indoor Gardening class he wanted to go to, but I wasn’t feeling up to it.)

If you want to get out the house for some out-of-doors winter fun, see if your hometown has an “Events” site! You never know what you’ll find.

No Bake Cookies

Another Pinterest find which reminds me of my childhood growing up. No bake cookies and “fudgy buttons” were desserts my sisters and I would make during the day when our parents were at work. It quelled our sweet tooth when we couldn’t make a trip to the “candy store” as my baby sister called it (which was the Plaid Pantry about a 5 minute walk away) because we didn’t have any money.

These cookies are just like the ones I made as a kid. 🙂


1995 with Julia Ormond, Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear

I love this movie. I saw it for the first time last year or the year before. It’s on Amazon Prime right now, and I love, love, love the idea of working in Paris and returning grown up, full of a je ne sais quoi that captivates the men in your life. Go catch it before they take it away!

What have you discovered this month? Is there anything you are appreciating more than before?

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