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In August of 2023, I published my first book with Raventhorne Books. My good friend Robyn VanDerSys is with Raventhorne. We’d done a few different book events together and she had wonderful things to say about the publishing group. I’d been seeing all the amazing books they’d been releasing, and after reading Robyn’s Black Hills Fall book and seeing all the books Raventhorne was releasing as part of the In The October Fall World series, I knew I wanted to be a part of their universe.

Wyoming Fall

Being accepted to write with them was super exciting and also challenging. I still wanted to continue my own series and knew I’d need to budget my time wisely to write both series properly. So far, I’ve managed to release two Fall books and two Dakota Destruction books in the time since I started working with Raventhorne. My latest Raventhorne release, Yellowstone County Fall, is now live. Yellowstone County Fall 2 is in editing and should be available during the summer of 2024. Dakota Destruction 5 will also be available in the summer of 2024.


How to read the series

One of the questions I, and other writers in the Fall World, receive is, “What is the proper order to read the In The October Fall World books?”

I’ll admit, it can be a little confusing. And it can truly seem overwhelming when you go to the Amazon page and see 40 books in the series. 40 is the number of releases as of today. When you read it, there may be 41, 42, or more…The books come out at a rapid rate!

While I love reading books in a series and make a point of reading them in order (even when the author assures they are stand-alone stories), reading in chronological order of release isn’t necessary with the In The October Fall World books and isn’t what I recommend.


How it all started…

Let me back up a bit and lay a little groundwork for this series.

In the October Fall World is a spin-off series from the October Fall series by Mark Loren and Boyd Craven Jr. The original series is (currently) a 9-book series that begins with the book appropriately titled October Fall.

The first October Fall book is wildly popular and has over 3,200 reviews on Amazon. In the time since it was originally released, the authors went back through the book and cleaned up the language quite a bit (you’ll still see some reviews referencing the profanity). So don’t let those reviews scare you away! This series, titled October Fall, should be read in the order they are released, books 1 to 9, so far.

In March of 2022, Black Hills Fall (In The October Fall World) by Robyn VanDerSys, Boyd Craven Jr., and LA Bayles kicked off the spin-off series. The spin-off series is based on the original event(s) of Mark Loren’s October Fall. An EMP strikes at 1:30 p.m. Eastern on October 28. This shared world writing has resulted in over a dozen authors, including yours truly, weaving tales of the apocalypse and the October 28th EMP.


Location, location, location

Each of the different authors chooses a location and creates their own version of events, while following specific guidelines to keep the world events accurate.

In The October Fall World is a rare series that doesn’t work best read in order of release.

My advice is to pick a location that sounds interesting to you (I’m partial to Wyoming & Yellowstone County, Montana!) and start with book 1 of that location*. If you enjoyed it, go on to book 2 of that location, book 3, etc. until you’ve exhausted everything currently available in that location (be sure to follow the author on Amazon, social media, or via Raventhorne newsletter to be alerted of new releases).

Then either move on to another location by the same author (if you enjoyed his or her writing) or pick a new author.

*There is an exception to the pick a location and start there advice! Frankenmuth Fall by Keven Craven begins a character offshoot series of Alaska Fall also by Keven, and is best read AFTER Alaska Fall 1.

Because so many authors are writing in this shared world, you’ll find a variety of writing styles. As always, my books contain zero profanity, zero sex scenes, and minimal gruesome death scenes.

The other authors put their own spin on things but, overall, the profanity, sex, and gruesomeness are on the light side in comparison to some other books of the post-apocalyptic genre. Some of the books in the series have more of a military spin to them, which is always fun.


Fall World Connections

Another fun thing with the In The October Fall World and the original October Fall series: you’ll often find crossover characters or references.

My Wyoming Fall books have connections with Black Hills Fall 2, the California Fall books, and Vashon Island 4. My newly released Yellowstone County Fall connects with Wyoming Fall. Likewise, other books have connections such as Vashon Island and Cincinnati Fall, and many connect with the original October Fall series.

It’s a fun and wild ride searching out all the Easter Eggs!

Yellowstone County Fall

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